10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Last Updated on March 22, 2020

While there are a lot of human foods cats can eat, not many people consider the things they shouldn’t be eating. Some foods can cause anything from mild stomach upsets to death! The foods on this list should be kept out of reach of your cat no matter what. But what if my cat likes it? Well, some of us like McDonald’s, that doesn’t mean it is good for us!


This is a no-brainer but some people still get a kick out of “getting their cat drunk”. If you know someone who does this, urge them to stop or report them to an animal protection service. Feeding your cat alcohol is not only abusive but unacceptably immature. Any kind of alcohol, even light beer, can lead to intoxication, coma, and death. 


Many people still think this is “okay” for dogs, and it is not. It is especially not for cats! Bone broths where the bones are removed are healthy when low in sodium, but other than that, bone should be avoided. When a cat eats bone from fish, chicken, or any other animal, it can cause obstruction, even laceration of the digestive system.

Canned Tuna

Contrary to popular belief, tuna is NOT healthy for cats, at least not the tuna humans eat. Eating too much can cause malnutrition because it lacks proper levels of minerals and vitamins that cats need. Fish in general, when overeaten, can cause a thiamine deficiency. If your cat enjoys any kind of fish food, only allow it a few days a week at most. Stick to chicken and turkey, keep fish and beef at the minimum. Mercury levels are also very high in tuna so purr-haps you should cut back yourself!


Most people know chocolate is bad for cats but they don’t know why. While chocolate in small amounts won’t kill your cat, allowing them to eat it on a regular basis can. The same can be said for some teas and coffee because most contain caffeine, theobromine and/or theophylline. This is what makes chocolate, tea, and coffee a poison. It can be as mild as vomiting and diarrhea, or as severe as affecting the nervous system and heart. Yes, caffeine can give a cat a heart attack.

Green Tea Is Usually Safe

While most other teas are not safe for cats, most can consume green tea and it can be quite beneficial. Decaffeinated is always best! Check out Green Tea Benefits for Cats to learn more about the benefits.


Something in garlic known as sulfoxides and disulfides can cause damage to red blood cells. This can lead to mild to severe anemia. While garlic is poisonous to dogs, it is a lot more poisonous to cats so be sure to read labels and don’t leave anything containing garlic in the open!


It is still unknown what makes grapes or raisins poison, but doctors do know that it affects the kidneys. It puts stress on them that can lead to infection. Constant exposure can lead to kidney damage that is irreversible.

Macadamia Nuts

Much like grapes, the exact toxin is unknown but we do know what can happen. These nuts contain something that interferes with the nervous system which can lead to muscle and nerve damage. It also affects the digestive system which can lead to severe vomiting.


Some mushrooms, especially ones found in your yard, contain toxins that can damage a number of organs in your cat’s body. Some cats will go into shock or coma from the toxins. If you have a cat that goes in your yard, be sure no mushrooms are around. The ones we use to eat and cook with are usually not deadly to cats but still should be treated as a poison.


Onions are the same as garlic but more poisonous. They both contain the same traces of sulfoxides and disulfides, however, onions have a much more concentrated level. Keep anything containing onion out of reach from your cat.

Raw Eggs

There is an enzyme in raw eggs called avidin which affects your cat’s absorption of biotin. Feeding a cat raw eggs can result in skin and hair problems. Raw eggs also run the risk of salmonella poison. Be cautious when making a cake and cookie batters in the kitchen, most cats enjoy them.

Be On Alert!
There are many other foods, plants, and household items your cat shouldn’t be getting their paws on. Never forget that cats are natural scavengers when they want to be. Keep dangerous foods, plants, and chemicals out of reach!

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5 thoughts on “10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat”

    • Thanks for your comment, San. No, sardines are not healthy for cats nor should be given to them. They are loaded with sodium which can lead to all sorts of kidney and bladder issues in cats. Not to mention they do not meet the nutritional requirements for a cat’s diet. I would look for a safer fish product designed for cats such as freeze-dried minnows.

  1. I found the tuna part very surprising. I feed my cat canned tuna every so often in very small amounts. I will probably stop doing so, but it will be hard because every time she hears the can open, she starts meowing for my attention!

    • Thanks for your comment MeowsePad. Yes, the metal is the issue as well as the toxins in the ocean. You can buy organic tuna that is jarred instead of canned if you can find it. It costs more but it is safer.


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