12 Video Games for Cat Lovers

Last Updated on April 11, 2020

In the world of gaming, one can’t help but “Aww” at the sight of a cute and playful cat based game! If you’re a cat lover who also loves video games, this is right up your alley, cat! All games in this list can be found in the Steam Marketplace. There is variety here so I am sure you will find something you fancy! Live long and pawspur, fellow nerds!

Hustle Cat

This game features a bit of a fun story-line. You play as a cat-themed cafe worker who recently got hired and you begin to learn that the worker of said cafe has a bit of a curse on them. You see… When they leave A Cat’s Paw (Cafe), they are no longer humans but CATS! Your character quickly wants to investigate what caused this so they don’t end up facing the same fate. Anime art style meets cats meets dating, aren’t you a little curious?

Pix the Cat

If you are into fun arcade style games that are a bit like Snake but slightly better with a sprinkle of Pacman on catnip, you’ll love this one! The objective is to keep up with the puzzles leading ducklings along as you collect pretty balls, cash in said ducklings, and hatch new ones all while avoiding not only running into your ducklings but DANGER! It’s super cute!

Let the Cat in

If you fancy a simple looking puzzle game that can become furiously hard over time, you may want to just let the cat in! This game is not only fun and challenging for adults, but kids will enjoy it too! I do advise you that the game trailer for the game is just a tag bit… eeerm, “weird”. Crack the puzzles, get the cat in the house, and collect fun items kitty can wear!

Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender

If you are a fan of video game classics, namely Defender, and wished it only had something extra… namely CATS… Snag this one! This is a very old school 80’s game style where you are a cat who swims around basically blowing everything up. The coloring is beautifully done and the music will touch your nostalgia right behind its ear! You know what spot… yeeeah that one! It progressively becomes challenging and is by no means an easy game.

Fort Meow

Not only is this game super cute but it is hilariously adorable! Basically, you want to build a fort from old attic furniture to keep the cats from hitting the little girl. As the video mentions below, it is a bit like Angry Birds but instead of the birds, you are the pigs. It has a good pace of challenge but not too challenging that you want to throw your mouse through the monitor! Yay! Use your creativity and build your childhood dream form… You know, to keep the cats out!

Kitten Rampage

This game is meant to be a silly “destroy everything” style game mixed with a bit of Goat Simulator and Gary’s Mod style graphics. Run around the map racking up points, finding goodies, pooping… yes, POOPING, and avoiding ridiculously large spiders. Where did those come from!?


This one is another arcade style game that is a bit like Tetris but instead, you are a cat who has to push the colorful rubies together to form color matching clusters and earn points. It is a very casual style game that progressively gets harder and challenges you to solve puzzles at the same time. Very fun, cute, and unique!

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Customize your kitty and fly through space! I think most people know about this game, but this is the Steam version. Is it worth $3? Probably not but catch it on sale and it can make for some fun times. The music may get on your last nerve though. Just don’t blame your cat!

Cat Goes Fishing

Relaxing, cute, and challenging enough to keep you playing – This game offers something we only wished our cats would do in real life, FISHING! Some fish are a bit harder to pull in which does offer a challenge but they are also worth the most. It is a very basic and simple game that makes for a great time killer when you’re at work… I mean school… I mean at home!

Catlateral Damage

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat who loved and enjoying knocking everything over and making a HUGE mess of the house while your owner was away, well, you just have to play this one! It is one of the cutest cat simulator games out there. Simple graphics meets adorable paw thrusting action! Just go in pretending you are a cat and your owner forgot your Fancy Feast… THE HUMANS MUST PAY!

Spooky Cats

Can the Cat Apocalypse happen? MAYBE! This is a bit of a side-scroll type game where you are a cute little kitty who has to avoid zombie, skeleton, and ghost cats! You collect coins as you go through and you are in pitch black darkness other than the spotlight that is directly on the cat. This makes it more challenging. Think of this game as a simple Mario styled game for passive yet fun play.

The Purring Quest

I personally find this game to be adorable and charming.  Once you get the hang of it, it is easy but it still offers challenging bosses at the end of each level. It may take a few tries to catch on but once you do, you will fall head over paws for this one. When you purchase the game on Steam, the creators donate some of the proceeds to animal welfare and well being which is a huge bonus in my book and worth buying it for that! There is a very cute story that goes along with the game as well.

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