There are so many things that cats do that we, as humans, simply adore. From their accidental tumbles, to the expression they give for a freshly opened can of cat food, we can’t get enough of these adorable creatures. It is no surprise they are all over the internet and in homes all around the world. Here are 30 reasons we simply love cats!

Compact Size : An average cat weighs around 12 pounds. Their small size makes them a convenient pet to own in even the smallest of apartments or homes. They do quite well in small spaces.

Soft, Stunning Fur : Much soft. Many color. Lots pet. A cat’s fur can come in so many colors and patterns it is amazing. Plush and silky, both long and short haired cats are so soft! You want to just cuddle them to pieces!

Dem Eyes : A cat’s eyes are so telling to what their emotion may be. When they give you that soft, off in the distance stare, followed by a slow blink, that is their way of saying “I Love YOU!”.

That Walk : You know that walk. The walk that says “I want something.” or “I need you to come over here for a minute.”. That slow approached sway, followed by the sit. We can’t forget the look either.

“The Look” : When your cat stares at you from the deepest parts of its inner being to simply say, “I can has food now?”.

Purrsuasion : That almost silent noise they make to let you know they are happy and content; MUCH ADORABLE! The purr is considered to be a cat’s version of a smile.

Indecisiveness : “I want out. No. In. No, back out. NO WAIT LET ME BACK IN!”

Dem Paws : Who ever thought a little, fur covered, soft bottomed paw could hide such a deadly defense system of strategically placed miniature knives.

Sleeping Habits : On the bed. In a box. Under the sink. On top of my socks. Cats will literally fall asleep anywhere and make it look so darn comfortable!

Le Bathing System : Watching a cat make sweet, sweet love to its fur is one of the cutest things. They even enjoy giving us baths every now and again; even if we just had a shower.

Treat-Bag Scramble : If your cat has a favorite bagged treat, you know all about this. They can be passed out in the other room, then you touch that bag. You hear the quick scramble of nails pulling through the carpet and the jingle of the bell.

Dat Chatter : When a cat is in the middle of stalking its victim for murder, you will hear a faint chirping sound if you are close by. This is called “chattering” and they do this to make us, as well as other animals, aware they found something without alerting the prey.

Sunday. Everyday. : Cats are well known for being lazy. The amount they sleep doubles the amount an average human has per day. It is like Sunday, everyday to them.

Puppy Panting : Yes, cats do pant. They do it to cool down the body and relax the heart. It is simply adorable.

Kitteh Hugs : That brief moment where you and your cat lock eyes, and they slowly approach you face first, tucking in for a face to face hug. A nice kitty nuzzle feels so nice… Unless you have a biter, in which case I hope you wanted your nose or lip pierced.

Tail-Raise of Approval : The tail goes from rested to straight-up like a flag of surrender; They are never the ones surrendering though. We can’t help but pet down their back to keep that tail up in the air.

You Are My Bed-Friend : When the couch will not suffice, the bed is too big, and that expensive cat bed has collected dust… Your cat will turn you into its own personal luxury sofa.

Hunters of the Kitchen Forefront : Cats are great at hunting down creatures you don’t want inside your house, specially in the kitchen. They are expert fly retrievers and kitchen constructionists.

I Can Has Dream? : If you ever caught a cat in a deep REM sleep, you will see them acting out what they are doing in their dream… Well, mostly twitching and muttered noises. It is still so darn cute though!

I Knead You! : When you get a nice knead message from a cat, it is one of the best you are likely to experience. On the other hand, if the claws come out, it is not so pleasant.

Window Television : The way a cat watches outside through a window with such wonder is adorable. They can sit in a window for hours just watching people and cars pass by. I think cats really do treasure the little things in life.

Overly Excited Moments : A simple ribbon can be like Christmas morning to a cat. They look at it and play with it as if nothing else exists in the room. Some will jump and do back flips for a ribbon out of excitement, others will try to pull it from your hands. Bottom line, cat toys are over-rated.

OMGOSH IT’S A BOX! : If you are not aware of this, an empty box is like a trip to Cancún for a kitty. Who needs a 5 star hotel when you can sleep in a box!?

Mime-Meow : Your cat meets you in the kitchen after a long, good nap and is ready to tell you what is on its mind… Only, nothing comes out. So cute.

If I Fits, I Sits : Cats are known for finding the strangest places to fit into. You might be surprised to find your cat one day sitting in your bathroom sink, happily as can be.

Mind Games : People underestimate just how smart their cat may be. If you don’t get up and feed them, or give them what they want, they will find a way to make you move. This can be in the form of sitting on the table or tipping over your drink.

Surprised Reaction Jump, Activate! : If you ever startled a cat, one of the cutest things they do it jump in mid air and scramble off into the nearest hiding place. They are such acrobats.

Tail-Poof : On the subject of being scared, if something startles your kitty, you may mistake them for a fox or a raccoon. The tail will double, sometimes triple I size as a reaction to make them look bigger and retreat away from danger. Such a cute defence mechanism.

High Times : Watching a cat high off its fluffy butt on catnip is one of the funniest things you will likely ever see an animal do.

The Immortal Dot : Though some cats have wised up to this witchcraft, others still fall prey to the shenanigans of the red dot pointer pen. Cat legend says, the first cat to catch it will rule the entire world.

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