5 Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree Options

Most people who celebrate Christmas enjoy having a tree in their home. While this is a fun and festive way to celebrate the season, it can also spell out disaster for anyone who owns a curious cat! Here are 5 great Christmas tree alternatives that are actually cat safe – And quite amazing too!

Suspended Christmas Tree

This is not only a fun craft to do, but makes for a stunning modern conversational piece! This tree is a great option for cats when hung high enough. If you use plastic ornaments, you can even hang it lower and allow your kitties to bat-around the lower hanging balls. Just be sure they are securely tied on and the ceiling hook is attached properly!

Suspended Christmas Tree
Source: not martha

Christmas Tree Shelf

Now, this is not only cat-friendly, but works amazingly well for small places! The concept is a hanging shelf that you can display seasonal décor on. You can even size it up and use it to put Christmas gifts right on it whilst keeping it safe from the cat’s ribbon-eating urges. 


You can also add lights as well as tacked on tinsel or ornaments. Get really get creative with this one!

Christmas tree shelf
Source: Curbly

Ornamental Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Some cats may actually want to put their paws on this one depending on what you use, just be sure to hang it high enough! What makes this idea neat is that you can put it just about anywhere in your home and even custom size it to fit your desired space. 


Missing the lights? Simply make a tree outline in a zig-zag pattern behind the wall hanger before you hang it up! Be sure to cover the plug and the outlet with something to keep the kitties from chewing the cord!

Ornament tree
Source: Martha Stewart

Modernized Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

These not only look amazingly artistic but because of the tall and thin design, they are purrfect for cats! You can buy large branches that are cleaned and treated or just take to the woods and pick out your own! The idea here is to find a large broken branch that has a long stem at the bottom. The color shown here is made using fabric. You can use ribbon or colored yarn just make sure it’s wrapped tightly! Use the smaller branches to hang ornaments from and whatever else you would like! The base is not shown here but you can fit one into a wooden crate and nail it in place very easily. Just cover it up with some fun and festive fabric!

Modernized Christmas tree
Source: The HumbleNest

Christmas Tree Ladder

This has to be one of my favorite designs! When decorated right and with your cat in mind, this is one of the safest Christmas tree options I have seen for kitties! Make sure that the string lights are securely wrapped around the ladder and all hanging ornaments in the middle are high up enough to be out of paw’s reach! You may be tempted to use the candles as seen in the other pictures but that is a big fat no-no with kitties in the house.

Tattered Christmas tree
Source: Tattered Style

DIY Not for You?

If you don’t have time for DIY ideas for the purrfect cat friendly Christmas tree, you can always buy one! We’ve found a great cat-friendly Christmas tree on Amazon. Click here to buy the Kitty City Christmas tree for cats!

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Sherri S Myer
Sherri S Myer

Lol. The only place our 4 cats cannot reach is the ceiling. They are very good at jumping great distances. So, I’m thinking my light outlined Christmas Tree will have to be on the ceiling or a small tree in a cage. Although, that will not stop them from trying to reach through and grab. I’ve also thought about doing a light Christmas Tree on the outside of my living room window. Wish me luck.


Thanks for great ideas for next year!


I love these!

Christine Martin
Christine Martin

This article recommends tinsel or other string to decorate your tree, which is appalling considering it’s a cat-specific website. Tinsel and other string attract cats who may ingest them. Ingesting string or tinsel is likely to cause a gastro-intestinal obstruction, which could result in costly and painful surgery, or death of the animal. Also, tinsel is bad for the environment. Purrfectlove, please remove your recommendations for strings and tinsel. Literally no one should use tinsel, especially cat owners!


I agree but kind of disagree but I love the silver tinsel but I keep it out of my Cat-Dog’s reach! My cats don’t really mind tinsel but they stay far away from it. ALSO CHECK OUT MY BLOG TOO….