We joke about it because at the end of the day, it is quite funny… But in the moment, it can be very frustrating! Cats are known for getting their hair all over the place, leaving litter in our socks (somehow), decorating the carpet with hair balls, not paying attention, and yes – knocking things off the counter. Here are 5 things every cat owner can relate to with at least one cat they have owned.

1. That Cold Sock Feeling

If you have owned a cat (or two… or three… or lots) in your life time, chances are you have experienced the mysterious “cold sock”. What do I mean by this? You wake up to start your day, skip in your step, smiling, the whole ten yards… And then it happens. You get this sudden cold feeling in your foot as if you just stepped on a wet sponge… Well, it wasn’t a sponge you just stepped on. It is a hairball that has been sitting on the floor for a few hours, waiting to ruin your morning. It can always be worse! I for one have slipped on a hair ball while walking through the kitchen… And I landed on top of it. Not a fun thing to happen right after you wake up.

2. Magical Litter

You have tried the high sides, the domes, mats, even putting the litter box in a cardboard one but STILL the litter ends up in the strangest places! I have found it in my shoes, in the bed, under the sofa, in my dresser drawers, even on my laptop! How does litter do this? Well, when a cat uses the box and doesn’t watch where they step, their pads pick up wet litter. Some cats will get out the box and immediately fling their paws about to get it off… While others will walk through the house doing it. I remember finding a piece in my tea that I had just made on the coffee table. In the corner, my cat sat licking his paws. Not so magical anymore.

3. My Fur Sweater

Most cats shed a moderate amount of hair in spring and in the fall. Then you have the other cats who shed A LOT, all year round! This not only means you have to vacuum more, but your clothing has become fur-couture. I love wearing black myself, so I have a bigger problem. Not only do I wear a lot of black, but most of my one cat’s fur is snow bunny white! There have been times when I walked out in the sunlight to look as though I rolled around on a 400 white tiger for 2 hours. Literally having one hair for ever hair inch. I have learned to keep duct tape on hand at all times!

4. Clutter Beware

Do you hoard or clutter you shelves, tables, cabinets, and other surfaces? Well, you will know when you do because your cat will show you… By knocking a good amount of it onto the floor! You have to have a clean and easy surface on every object in your home or your cat will turn it into an air hockey tournament to the death!

5. Feeding Time

We all know cats love to eat. They love snacking on treats, and they just get so darn excited when they see you heading for the kitchen. Problem is when you have a foodie cat, you may find it hard to walk. There are three times of cats in this situation; The one who goes to his dish and waits patiently staring at you, the one who beats you to his dish while meowing, and the one who has to show you the way – while not looking where the heck he is going! I can tell you, I have been tripped (literally off my feet) quite a number of times. My one cat will listen when I tell him to go to his dish… The other one, well, he is too busy walking into everything (including the wall) when I feed them.

What is your favorite (sarcastic) thing about living with a cat? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Things Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

by Purrfect Love

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