With millions still believing black cats are cursed, so many black kitties go unloved. Halloween is a very popular holiday and black cats are symbolic of it. Instead of fearing them or using them to strike fear this season, I am encouraging you to show them love. If you come across a black cat a few days before Halloween, let proper animal authority know. Black cats are still catnapped by people for sick pranks. Let’s start the love right here! Here are 7 things we should all love about black cats.

Black Cats Aren’t Bad Luck

In the middle ages, black cats were heavily associated with witches, so naturally, people felt they were cursed. While we know this isn’t true today, some people still won’t let the “black cat crossing” myth go. It is quite funny as well, some other cultures believe black cats to be good luck like the UK and Asia.

That Little Black Dress is Safe!

Because black cats are black and most dress wear is darker, you don’t have to worry about your clothing getting filled with unattractive hair sheds. So feel free to wear your little black dress or your favorite tux more often around a black cat!

They Look Like Little Panthers

Ever wanted to own a panther? Well, you are as nuts as me! It costs a lot of money and you need licenses and permits to even care for one. Black cats look like miniature panthers and this is great news for any Carolina Panthers fan. You can brag to all your friends about owning a tiny panther, I know I would!

Tons of Famous Cats Are Black

That is right! From the Simpsons to Looney Tunes, many cats in the cartoon world are black. Sabrina the Teenage Witch also features a black cat named Salem.

Only One Breed Has an All Black Dress Code

The Bombay is the only cat breed where the color has to be all black or it is not a certified Bombay! This is the only breed where another coat color is not an option. All other breeds have different color choices and patterns. Not the Bombay! Talk about special.

Those Eyes Are Amazing

Have you ever noticed how a black cat’s eye just glow? They appear to have tiny lights behind them, no matter what time of day. Nothing is more stunning than glowing, bright eyes.

They Are Natural Born Ninjas

Because their coat is so dark, come night-time, they are almost unseeable. This makes them excellent hunters and stair trippers. If you own a black cat, never do your laundry at night!

What is your favorite thing about black cats? Let us know in the comments!

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I have 2 black cats, they are my favorite!

Jay W
Jay W

I love black cats!


Great post!