A lot of people believe that owning a cat is enough to not only keep mice out of their home but get rid of them all together. A lot of these beliefs stem from some facts but mostly fictional characters we often see in children’s cartoons. Don’t be fooled into believing owning a cat will end your problems. They are not tools and never should be owned as one.

Common Myths

cat and rodent
  • The scent of a cat will keep mice from nesting nearby

  • The smell of cat urine will keep mice out of your home

  • All cats instinctively go after mice

  • All mice are scared of cats and know when they are nearby

  • A cat is an effective tool for removing mice from your home

The Issue

The issue I see most is that people assume owning a cat or a few cats will always keep mice away. It doesn’t matter how many cats you own, if a mouse finds a safe place and easy access to food, it will go right in. If you want to end a mouse problem with the help of a cat it will have to be one that goes both in and outdoors, or you will have to own a few barn cats. I never advise people to allow their cats to run freely outdoors without supervision, this is just not safe. If you know there is a local feral cat near your home, you can encourage it to stay around your home by offering food, water, and shelter but there are downsides to this. It may lead to unwanted breeding, fighting, and spraying. You will want to catch it and have it fixed, then release it back outside. When I say feral, I mean unfit to EVER live with humans not just some homeless cat who desires human affection and food.

The Truth

The bottom line is this: Yes, cats can and may help cut back on mice in your house but it is very unlikely they will solve the problem. If you have a mouse problem, you will want to take the precautions yourself in order to get rid of them. 

Things YOU can do:

  • Cleaning every room in your home, yes I do also mean the basement and the attic.

  • You will want to keep all food sealed airtight and pay special attention to spills and crumbs on the floor.

  • Never plant bushes, shrubs, or bushy plants close to your home and avoid stacking wood within 20 feet from your home.

  • Look for access holes and seal them from the inside out.

  • If all else fails, you may need to hire a professional to help you.

Have you ever had mice in your home? How did your cat react to this? Tell us in the comments!

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