Amazingly Simple Cat Crafts

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

Whether you are a cat lover or know someone who is, these make very fun and personal gifts! They are very basic crafting concepts that just about anyone can do, even if your crafting abilities aren’t the best. Did you know, doing a creative activity reduces stress, anxiety, and helps you sleep better? Go ahead and give one a try!

Felt Kittens

These little cuties are needle felted kittens. They take little material to make, and you can go as plain or as creative as you want. They make great gifts for family and friends, and they can also be used as toys for your cats! Just be sure to supervise them when they play. Hint: You can roll up some dried catnip in the center for an extra special toy!

Origami Cat Bookmark

Up next are some very cute origami post-it cat bookmarks! These can be made super simple or fancy, depending on how creative you want to get. They are easy to make and can be a simple little addition to a gift for a friend or family member. They also make a very fun and simple craft idea for kids!

Kitty Dust Plug

These not only make cute and amazing gifts, but you may become addicted to polymer clay crafting! Cell phone dust plugs have been a huge trend for the last 10 years. Many places charge a lot for them or you have to wait weeks to months to get them direct from China! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Why not create your own? Once you get the hang of using polymer clay, it becomes easier and easier to use.

DIY Cat String Lights

These are great for Halloween, or just about any other occasion for us cat lovers! You can use any colors you want and even add more detail if you like. They make fun decorative accents on the porch, in a child’s bedroom, in a crazy cat lady office or den, or heck – If your cat is as spoiled as my two, in their own kitty bedroom!

Cat Grin Mug

Who doesn’t love mugs!? These are adorable and simple to make, and they make great gifts for holidays or really, any occasion. As you drink your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea – You will have an adorable grinning cat smile over your mouth! How cute is that?

Have you tried out any of these crafts for yourself? If you did, share a few pictures with us in the comments!

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