Hair pulling, head pressing, licking, scratching, kneading, and more! Discover why your cat does the things it does.

Feline Dementia 1

Feline Dementia

Cognitive dysfunction is a common issue we hear about a lot these days. While many of us have experienced some form of Dementia with a loved one, not many are...

Cat sniffing 2

Why Do Cats Sniff Everything?

You may have noticed that your cat will sniff almost anything you put in front of it, even if it is not food. Most of the time, newer things will...

Sleeping cat 4

Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much?

Sleep is something that cats do, and they do it well! Many people underestimate just how much a cat can sleep. If you are wondering if your cat sleeps too...

Cat shedding 0

Hair Pulling in Cats

Stress and hair pulling doesn’t always go hand in hand. While stress can be a trigger for some cats, it can be something entirely different. This simply isn’t a normal...

Cat and mouse 0

A Game of Cat and Mouse

A lot of people believe that owning a cat is enough to not only keep mice out of their home, but get rid of them all together. A lot of...

Cat and dog 0

Do Cats Hate Dogs?

You hear it in jokes, see it in cartoons, and laugh about it online; But is it true? For many years people assumed dogs and cats can’t live in the...

Cat biting hand 2

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

You may have googled this and found a huge amount of different answers and responses. While we know cats can bite out of love, fear, anger, or just out of...


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