Budget-Friendly Cat Toys

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

Being on a tighter budget means cutting corners. You don’t have to spend a lot to get your cat some wonderful toys that will bring them happiness, encourage play, and keep them fit. Here are some great options for playtime that are budget-friendly and cat approved!

Pop-up Cat Cube

Cat cubes are versatile and make a great toy for all feline age groups. They offer your cat both an area to play and hunt as well as a place to catch a quick catnap. What makes them wonderful is that they are lightweight and can easily be tucked away when not in use. You can get one for under $10 too, no breaking the bank here!

Feather Teaser

Feather wands and teasers don’t have to be expensive for your kitty to enjoy them. These Pet Fit For Life teasers are a great addition to your cat’s toy arsenal. They include two different attachments, a wand with a comfortable grip handle, and a free PDF download with tips on keeping your cat fit and happy. They sell for $11 with two attachments and $12 with three attachments. Purrfect!

Hartz Toy Mice

These mice are a classic among kitties and one of my cat’s personal favorites. They come in a pack of 12 with very vivid colors and each one contains catnip. The mice are great for cats who like to bat things around or enjoy toys being tossed for them. You get more bang for your buck here as well since you get 12 toys for under $6 (and free shipping with Prime!).

Catnip Fish 3 Pack

If your cat prefers larger toys to kick and romp around with, you are looking at spending $6 or more for one toy. With this pack of catnip filled toys, you will get three realistic shaped fish and for under $10! Each fish measures just shy of 8 inches in length. A free rainbow foam ball is included with every order as well.

Colorful Springs

If your cat enjoys playing with milk rings and other plastic things, these will be a hit! Each pack comes with 10 rings in an assortment of colors. They are lightweight, quiet, and perfect to bat around the house no matter the surface. For under $6, your kitty is sure to have a blast!

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8 thoughts on “Budget-Friendly Cat Toys”

  1. My Cats Absolutely LOVE BENDY STRAW’S ..I Push a couple together for extra reach & I bend the end & tsp on them teasing them letting them catch & bite it..They will play as long as I WILL … also I can find a caller’s little toys that I can get on Amazon free shipping on eBay if I’m willing to wait for it ..It comes from Hong Kong and I can get all SUPER CHEAP MOST ITEMS for less than a $1-$2 & FREE SHIPPING. that’s where it all comes from anyway 99% of the time. My wallet is happy & so are my Fur-babies

  2. My tortie LUVS feather wands! She will chase it until she’s completely out of breath! Silly kitty. My himalayan loves scrunched up pieces of paper. He plays fetch like a dog! He will pick them up and trot through the house with them, meowing the whole time, sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles! Then he drops them at your feet and waits for you to throw them. He has a playful spurt of energy in the middle of the night and some mornings when I wake up there will be two or three balls of paper on the floor beside the bed, like he’s brought them in like”hey! wake up I wanna play!” XD

  3. Sounds more like an incredible deal. Less than $8 for the toy set. Really a good bang for buck, my niece needs to see this, she loves cats


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