Why Do Cats Stick Their Butts in the Air?

Last Updated on March 10, 2020

Cats are known for doing all kinds of adorable things us humans never really think to question. One of my favorite things many cats do is lifting their butt high in the air when being pet. Have you ever wondered why a cat does this?

Females vs Males

Non-spayed female cats, when they reach the first level of maturity, they will begin to be “inviting” to male cats. This is when the whole “raised butt, lowered front legs” comes into play. They will start this between 4 and 7 months of age, which is when the first heat cycle is typically experienced.

In non-neutered male cats, when they reach the first level of maturity, they will begin to spray and mark areas to attract female mates. They also do this to discourage other males from coming around their area. Males will occasionally use the same stance as the females to mark up higher on objects, such as trees. They typically start their first wave of hormones around 6 months old. Unlike females, male cats typically don’t have a set “heat” cycle and will want to mate any time they smell the pheromones of a fertile female.

So what happens when your fixed cat, be it male or female, is “inviting” you closer?

With house cats, they learn this is an appropriate behavior that we enjoy. When they raise their butts and lift their tails, they aren’t looking to mate or spray us, they are opening the opportunity for friendship. They learn that by doing this, they will get pet and scratched more. Some will do it in hopes to receive food as well but not every cat adopts this behavior. It is something they typically learn as a kitten that grows into an adult habit. Think of it as a dog willingly sitting when they want something without you actually giving the command. That is right, cats DO do things to please us! Though they still do expect to reap the rewards for their efforts.

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  1. My landlord has two male cats that are fixed and have been for years but when you go to rub them they lifter as way in the air but I don’t know why I thought maybe they were gay


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