Cat-Themed Christmas Decorations

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

It is the purrfect time of the year to clutter the halls with cat decor! This holiday season, why not bring in some Catsmas cheer with kitty cat Christmas decorations? Here are some great options and ideas to get the ball rolling! 

Cat Christmas Stockings

A great way to include your cat in your holiday festivities is to give them their own stocking! This is a fun way to give them gifts too. If you have small children, allow them to pick out some toys and add them to the stocking. It can be a fun new tradition for the family and a good way to pamper your well-deserved puss! 

Cat Christmas Pillows & Covers

One thing everyone has in the home are throw pillows. A great way to decorate for the holiday season is to get Christmas pillowcases and covers. This is the purrfect opportunity to show your love for cats and the holiday season! Not a fan of covers? The first option is a pillow that lights up!

Cat Christmas Outdoor Decor

Take the feline holiday spirit to the yard with some amazing outdoor Christmas decorations. What is great about these options is they will blend right in with your normal holiday lights. It’s a great way to bring some furry fun to your porch, garden, or front lawn!

Cat Christmas Indoor Decor

Deck the halls with lots of kitties! Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! Whether you are a fan of snow globes, musical trinkets, small knickknacks, or just something bright and festive these are some wonderful indoor decor options to bring your Christmas spirits up! They make great gifts for cat lovers too. 

Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Christmas tree is not complete until there is a cat hanging off it. We hope for your sake, it is just an ornament! Here are some really festive and cute options to add to your tree this year. Worried about your kitty knocking down the tree? Check out these 5 amazing Christmas tree options that are totally cat-friendly!

Cat Christmas LIGHTS

Nothing says Christmas time like string lights! While these lights aren’t traditional Christmas decor, they can be added in with your normal lights for a really cute spin on the holiday season. Nothing wrong with celebrating Catsmas too!

What cat-themed decorations do you use during Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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