10 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Last Updated on March 17, 2020

Cats have a funny way of showing their love. They aren’t as open or obvious as dogs, and they lack the ability to simply say they do. Like many other animals, cats speak through body language. Something as simple as the way they walk up to you can show you what’s on their mind. Here are 10 signs your cat truly loves you!

Showing off the Belly

When a cat rolls on its back and flashes its belly to you, this is not only a sign of trust but a sign of love. This can happen when you approach your cat or while you are petting them. 

If your cat lets you pet its belly, consider yourself even more loved! Vital organs live under the belly and a cat will usually stop it from being touched.

Face and Head Rubs

When a cat gently butts your head with theirs or rubs its face against yours, they are releasing pheromones. By doing this, they are establishing trust and a bond with you whilst also letting other cats know you are part of their family.

Love Bites

When a cat does gentle nibbles on your skin or clothing, this is a rare form of showing love. You will know the difference between an aggressive bite and a gentle nibble. An actual bite will hurt quite bad, whereas a nibble is more about getting your attention in a cute way.

Tip Twitching

When a cat approaches you with the very tip of its tail twitching, feel very good about yourself! Cats rarely show this type of love, but when they do, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

Kitty Bathing

When a cat licks you with detail and even holds you in the place to do it, they care! When they take the time to bathe you, they are releasing their scent on you as well as keeping you clean. Well, perhaps not clean in the way you’d like!


When a cat purrs, it is a sign they are content. When a cat purrs while sitting on you, or while you pet them, then you already know! The louder the purr the more deeply they feel bonded to you. Some cats do purr on the quieter side. These cats typically are quiet in general.

Slow Blinks

When a cat makes eye contact with you and gives a really relaxed, slow blink, they are showing they trust you. Trust is essential for any kind of love to last. You should feel honored to receive your cat’s seductive eye kisses.

Sleepy Hugs

When a cat chooses to sleep on, near, or around you – You are truly loved! A cat who wants to sleep close to you shows they not only love you but trust you on a deep level. If they start to drift off into a dream, they are completely content in your company.


When a cat kneads, it is debatable why they actually do this action. One thing we know for certain, they enjoy it a lot! If your cat kneads you, they love you… or they think you are a fluffy nail pin cushion. Let’s just go with love!


When a cat brings you a little something special, they are essentially trying to teach you to hunt. By something special, I am talking about dead or half-dead birds, mice, or other small creatures. By desiring you to be a hunter, they have claimed you like family. This is far more common with female cats, so feel blessed to have a male who does it!

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