We all love creative ideas. When it comes to cat inspired creative ideas, well, I am all in! Adding some creative and cat-friendly furniture to your home will not only cut down on cat tree clutter, but it also makes for a very interesting conversational piece! Here are 3 amazing ideas people have brought to life that take normal every-day furniture and turns it into something more.

Cat Tunnel Sofa by Seungji Mun

Normally, we would like our cats to stay far away from the sofa as possible. One cat can destroy a sofa in as little as 4 hours if they wanted. Why spend money on an expensive sofa when you can create a wonderful design you, your cat, and even your friends will appreciate? This sofa features a tube that goes along the back side, allowing kitty the freedom to actually sleep INSIDE the couch! I can’t see anything feline not appreciating this.

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CATable by Hao Ruan

This is an amazing and creative new take on the dining table. While some people prefer their cat to be as far away from the table as possible, others like their cats to feel welcomed during dinner time. The table features holes and cutouts under the surface that are large enough for cats to squeeze in to and explore. The top surface also has a small hole that is cut to make the table look to a work of art in itself.

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Lastly, the normal/standard coffee table with a twist! This table as a gap in between the glass and padded shelf that allows a cat to just fit for a nice snug feel during a nap. It also in no way looks like cat furniture! Modern and attractive, you and your cat can appreciate this design. It also works great for small dogs, bunnies, and ferrets! The design can also be used to house decor items to give your room that extra flow of Feng-Shui.

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Know of any other cat-friendly furniture? Share it with us in the comments!

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