Cat Inspired Holidays You Can Celebrate

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Cats have become a huge source of pop culture enjoyment alongside other pets so it makes sense to have more holidays to celebrate this. Not many people are aware of just how many days are dedicated to cats or pets in general, so just in case you missed the memo… Here are a ton of holidays you can celebrate with your cat!

While some of these holidays may seem repetitive, different organizations have “adopted” them. There are many more holidays for cats as well, these are just the more well-known ones.

January (Walk Your Pet Month)

  • 2nd National Pet Travel Safety Day
  • 2nd Happy Mew Year (Cat New Year)
  • 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • 22nd National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
  • 24th Change a Pet’s Life Day (ASPCA)

February (National Cat Health Month)

  • 14th Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • 20th Love Your Pet Day
  • 23rd World Spay Day (last Tuesday of February)

March (Pet Poison Month)

  • 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day

April (Animal Cruelty Prevention Month)

  • 11th National Pet Day
  • 17th – 23rd National Pet ID Week
  • 19th Pet Owners Day
  • 27th Free Feral Cat Spay Day (Alley Cat Rescue)
  • 29th Hairball Awareness Day
  • 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May (National Pet Month)

  • 1st – 7th Be Kind to Animals Week (AHA)
  • 3rd National Specially-abled Pets Day
  • 8th Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • 23rd National Heat Awareness Day

June (Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month)

  • 4th International Hug Your Cat Day
  • 11th Just One Day (One day of no-kill in shelters worldwide)
  • 12th World Pet Memorial Day
  • 19th International Box Day.
  • 23rd – 25th Blogpaws/Cat Writers’ Association Annual Conference


  • 15th National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • 21st National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day


  • 8th International Cat Day
  • 17th National Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • 20th International Homeless Animal Day
  • 22nd National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
  • 30th National Holistic Pet Day

September (National Food Safety Awareness Month)

  • 11th National Pet Memorial Day
  • 19th International Meow Like a Pirate Day
  • 28th World Rabies Day

October (National Black Cat Awareness Month)

  • 12th National Pet Obesity Day
  • 16th National Feral Cat Day
  • 27th National Black Cat Day (UK)
  • 29th National Cat Day

November (National Senior Pet Month)

  • 6th – 12th National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
  • 17th National Black Cat Day


  • 15th National Herding Cats
  • 26th Meowy Catsmas (or Catmas)

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2 thoughts on “Cat Inspired Holidays You Can Celebrate”

  1. May is now National Cat Business Month. For decades, cats have taken a back seat to dogs in the pet industry, even being squeezed into a mere third or less of available shelf space in most pet stores and being treated as “afterthoughts” by many dog-centric companies throwing them the proverbial bone with a few cat products.

    Those days are gone, and cats everywhere are yowling with joy!

    In 2020, cats moved into the lead in the pet industry and continue to gain still more ground. This may be the year that cats totally conquer the pet industry. And, of course, we all know what’ll happen next…or has it already??


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