Will a Cat Jump Out an Open Window?

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

If you are a fan of having fresh air in your home, you are likely to have your windows open most warmer days of the year. This will encourage your cat to want to be nearby to take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Is an open window a safety concern for cats?

Windows Without Screens

If you have a home that has windows without screens, I can assure you that most cats will indeed try to get out of them. This can be a major safety hazard as your kitty can end up stuck on the roof or fall from a steep height. If it is on the first floor, you run the risk of your cat getting out and getting attacked by another animal, hit by a car, or eating something poisonous. If your window has no screens, it is best to keep it closed. If you want to have your windows open, opt to have screens installed

Windows With Screens

Screened windows are good for not only keeping insects out of the home but ensuring your cat doesn’t get out. However, they are not foolproof. Some screens are very fragile and the weight of a heavier cat can easily pop them out of place leaving an opening in the window for your cat to end up outdoors. Cats who are prone to scratching and digging can also figure out a way to rip through the screen with their nails. When it comes to having your windows open, it is best to be sure the screens are sturdy and the windows your cat can easily accessed are closed when you are not at home.

Safe Alternatives

There are a few ways to allow your cat to enjoy the fresh air coming from the outside whilst keeping them safe. These two alternatives will encourage your cat to stay away from screened windows when they are open so you don’t have to worry about accidents or damages.

One option is to build a window enclosure. These are firmly attached to the outside of the house and can hold the weight of your cat. They are similar to a cage where they will keep your kitty contained but open in the back where the window is to allow them to still have access to the house.

Another option is to buy or build an entire outdoor enclosure off of one of your windows or into the wall of the house. These work by keeping your cat safe whilst allowing them to enjoy the outdoors in a small enclosed area. They come in several different sizes and shapes and can easily be built onto almost any home. 

If you opt to build one yourself, you will have more customization options and placement ideas for your specific home.

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