Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

Last Updated on April 14, 2020

There have been different psychological tests and studies done over the years on the relationships humans have with their animal companions. What they have found is that people generally have similar likes and dislikes when they favor dogs over cats or cats over dogs. These come into play as “personality traits” and they are quite interesting! Let’s take a look at the differences between cat lovers and dog lovers.

Dog Lovers

When you think of dog lovers, you think of fun, happy, and very outgoing people who love to spend time with others. Well, this isn’t too far off from what the typical dog lover is interested in. Below are common traits seen in the average dog lover.

  • Family: They enjoy being around their family, even if they don’t get along well.
  • Friends: They have many friends and love social gatherings where they can meet new people.
  • Outdoor Life: They love being outside.
  • Religion: They have political party-based beliefs and tend to believe what their family/friends believe.
  • Relationships: They are more openly aggressive and verbal about their needs. Very co-dependent.
  • Career: They like tasks and thrive off getting them done. They don’t need to be told twice to do it.
  • Society: They tend to be more easily accepting of situations around them.

Cat Lovers

As for cat lovers, you would typically think of someone who is closed off, quiet and prefers to be around small numbers of people. They are less co-dependent but that doesn’t make them heartless! Below are common traits seen in the average cat lover.

  • Family: They have few family members they get along with.
  • Friends: They have few friends, most having less than a handful.
  • Outdoor Life: They enjoy being outside but alone or with very few people.
  • Religion: They are opened minded and enjoy learning about different aspects to better understand.
  • Relationships: They are typically closed off with how they feel and aren’t verbal about their needs.
  • Career: They need a push to get started and praise when completing a task to feel accomplished.
  • Society: They tend to be less accepting of situations surrounding them.

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