28 Cat-Inspired Pokemon

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

With almost 900 Pokemon, you would expect there to be a nice selection of cat Pokemon and cat-inspired Pokemon, and you would be right! From the very obvious felines such as Meowth and Litten to those with cat-like features such as Zeraora, here are the 28 cats of the Pokemon world!

Meowth & Persian (Alolan & Galarian Forms)

The most famous pair of felines in the Pokemon world is without a doubt, Meowth & Persian. Meowth became the famous lippy cat of Team Rocket’s Jessie & James, being the only Meowth who can speak English. Why they continued to go after a generic Pikachu is beyond me! Persian, which is the evolved form of Meowth is well known for being Giovanni’s (Team Rocket’s leader) cynical cat.

Skitty & Delcatty

These two cats are something like a pincushion and a pillow. No, seriously… Have you seen them? Skitty is a very cute and lovable pink cat designed to appeal to the female fan base with its detailed coat and seedling like appearance. Delcatty, Skitty’s evolution form, goes for more of an almost flower-like appearance. I can’t help but stare at the neck pillow around Delcatty’s neck…

Glameow & Purugly

When it comes to a stereotypical pair, these two take the cake… err fish? Glameow is a prissy and classy cat, something like a Siamese cat. What makes it funny is that it starts out small and cute and then grows or rather evolves into a very plumpy not-so-cute fat cat Pokemon(Okay, he’s still cute!). Nothing wrong with a fat cat but I think the name implies it goes from “glamorous” to “ugly” as it evolves.

Purrloin & Liepard

If Catwoman was not used to inspire this Pokemon duo, I’d be shocked! This purple cat Pokemon duo is a favorite among feline fanciers for its striking contrast in color and interesting shape. Purrloin has the typical cat features with a bit of a “masked” look to it. Liepard takes on another look entirely and clearly showcases that Purrloin becomes a leopard of sorts. A very nice concept and very vibrant colors make these two cats stand out from the rest. Liepard is probably the cutest cat Pokemon ever!

Shinx, Luxio & Luxray

While the ears may confuse some, this is definitely a cat styled Pokemon! I am not 100% sure what kind of cat it is modeled after but I would like to think of it as a panther mixed with a lion. Shinx is an adorable cub not featuring any of the black mane around the head, likely to be based on a lion or lynx cub. Luxio starts to bring in the mane with a very tough look. Finally, Luxray shows the full mane with the toughest look of the trio. I am not sure why, but Luxray reminds me of Sonic.

Litleo & Pyroar

Ah! The lion Pokemon! I really do appreciate how they approached this concept. When you have a male Litleo, it becomes a well-maned male Pyroar but if you have a female, it becomes the female equivalent with no mane. This concept is also seen in other Pokemon and is something I wish they did since first gen. Either way, Simba would be proud!

Espurr & Meowstic

I can’t be alone with saying that Espurr looks like that one stuffed animals that didn’t get played with enough! I love the concept behind it, almost appearing more like a teddy bear than a grey cat Pokemon. Meowstic is another Pokemon to feature both sexes, the navy being a male and the white, a female. Whichever you prefer, both are very cute and quite tough for their size!

Litten, Torracat & Incineroar

One of three starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun & Moon, Litten! This cute cat has the appeal of the tradition “I’d had enough petting for the day” cat with a fun twist… It is a fire type! Unlike Pyroar, this little guy is far from a lion! The second stage (Torracat) has some differences that begin to make this Pokemon tougher including a fire bell, claws, and a slightly more “rugged” coat. Litten’s final stage (Incineroar) is basically what I would consider Pokemon’s cat-man version of Brock Lesnar.

Solgaleo & Dusk Mane Necrozma

This fierce-looking fella is the featured Legendary Pokemon of the Pokemon Sun game. Believe it or not, he is not even a fire type! NOPE! He is a steel and psychic type. Mega-Metagross is an example of how powerful this combination can be!

Dusk Mane Necrozma is a fusion of Solgaleo and the ultra beast, Necrozma. Whilst this is a fusion and not a stand-alone cat Pokemon, I feel it is worth adding seeing as it is still a form using Solgaleo, the Sun Legendary lion.


This 4’11 feline juggernaut was an instant hit and continues to be very popular! It has a blistering base speed of 143, making it the 2nd fastest electric Pokemon in the game! Zeraora also comes equipped with its own signature move, Plasma Fists. This fierce cat Pokemon also soaks up any electric-type moves, too!


Perrserker is tough little cat Pokemon introduced to the franchise in Pokemon Sword & Shield! Standing just over 2 and a half feet, this little guy is a bipedal Viking kitty that evolves from the Galarian Meowth at level 28. Its name is a play on the term “Berserker” which is a Norse Warrior.


This delicate, attention-seeking grass kitty is one of the new starters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Standing only 1’4″ feet tall and weighing only 9 pounds, this pint-size kitty Pokemon is all sorts of heckin’ adorable! (Evolution stages will be added soon!)


The complete list of cat Pokemon and cat-like Pokemon as of the latest games, Pokemon Sword & Shield are:

  • Meowth & Persian
  • Skitty & Delcatty
  • Glameow & Purugly
  • Purrloin & Liepard
  • Shinx & Luxio & Luxray
  • Litleo & Pyroar (male & female)
  • Espurr & Meowstic (male & female)
  • Litten, Torracat, & Incineroar
  • Solgaleo (Sun Legendary)
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma
  • Zeraora (Legendary)
  • Perrserker
  • Sprigatito

“You Missed One!”

It’s worth mentioning that there are other Pokemon who do have cat-like features but because they are too heavily split between being a cat and something else (Like Snorlax for example), they did not make the list. Many common ones people put up for debate include the Eeveelutions, Mew, Raikou, and Absol. The “Eeveelutions” are based on elemental foxes, the balance of energies in “one”. Umbreon is often mistaken for a black cat Pokemon and while this could be true, it has more in common with hares and foxes than it does with cats. Mew is an embryo-like alien said to be formed from mixed DNA of all Pokemon. Raikou is based loosely on Raiju, also known as the “thunder beast” and is made up of dog, cat, and rodent parts. Finally, Absol, which is loosely based on Bai Ze meaning “White Marsh” in Chinese.

Which Is Your Favorite?

Which cat Pokemon do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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82 thoughts on “28 Cat-Inspired Pokemon”

  1. I love meowstic but are they switched cuz my friend watched the show and the one you called female she said that the female version was a male

  2. btws how did snorlax get into the debate? i dont see why that could happen
    as for absol i think it looks like a mythical creature. no way it got into the debate.
    abt eevee i can see the fox like thing, and i could see rhe similaries…i will let that pass
    mew.. of course it passes!

    • Mew is a mix of all Pokemon species, this is said in Pokedex entries such as “Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokemon.” and, less definitely, “Many believe that all other Pokemon are descendants as this one.” I can certainly keep listing more. If anything, Mew might be loosely based on a cat, or, I think more likely, a kangaroo joey. It’s disproportionate feet and small, slightly pointed ears match well.

  3. i like the delcatty cuz its cute and i reminds me of my moms old neck pillow with needles in it
    plus how is mew NOT a cat? i understand mewtwo but not mew…

    • Mewtwo is made of Mew’s DNA and is also called Mew’s offspring. A cat Pokemon that gave birth to a non felinoid? I think Mew’s based off a a kangaroo joey if anything at all.

  4. yo uh… hate to tell you but you clearly missed victini. its ears are proof its a feline. Also you missed the fact that ESPURR is not a pure bred kitty
    ~ Sincerely, Jirachi

  5. I always thought Entei was a big ol’ kitty….

    “Entei may be based on Chinese guardian lions, or Lions of Foo, creatures that resemble fully grown male lions. They are often confused with canines and incorrectly called “Foo Dogs” by Westerners. Their original significance was serving as guardians (like gargoyles upon churches) at Buddhist temples. The image of a ferocious beast would scare intruders away. This correlates with Entei being seen as a guardian in the third movie, protecting Molly and her allies.
    Like a real lion, Entei boasts a regal mane, long retractable claws, and a strong, bulky, yet agile body. Its face is short and bears resemblance to a lion’s skull — short and wedged, but with the unique flatness that ShiShi statues also bore. The yellow design on its head could be interpreted as a stylized crown or a Kabuto helmet. In China, the lion is regarded as a symbol of power and strength. Lions are also popularly known as symbols of fire. ” — https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Entei_(Pok%C3%A9mon)#Trivia

    Also, Raikou.

    “Raikou may be particularly based on the Thunder and Lightning gods of most cultures surrounding the world, mostly the 雷獣らいじゅう raijū (lit. thunder beast), a thunder demon of Japanese lore and is said to be Raijin’s companion. It is said to be a creature that could take the form of a tiger, monkey, blue wolf wrapped in lightning, and many other animals. Raikou is specifically based on its tiger form, while the Pokémon Manectric is based on its wolf form.” — https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Raikou_(Pokémon)#Trivia

    • Thanks for your comment Pinamena Pie. Yes, you have some valid points there but they are still considered “beasts” in that they are made from multiple animals, not just one. The list above is pure cats, nothing else.

      • I really think you should include the Legendary Beasts on here. Like the first commenter pointed out they are very clearly based on different large cats and the explanation that “beast” implies an amalgam of animal parts isn’t really correct, the term beast just implies a large intimidating animal and nothing else. Besides, with that logic you shouldn’t have included Incineroar or Solgaleo on the list either, they’re also not based exclusively on cats and take inspiration from elsewhere, a wrestler and the sun respectively.

      • Thanks for your comment!

        This is purely based on “cat inspired Pokemon” as a single inspirational species. Solgaleo is inspiration from a lion and Incineroar is still just a cat who is standing on two feet like some of the others on the list. The legendary beasts are based on folklore and mythical creatures in Japan and China. They are not simply a cat or a dog but a merger of several animals with different meanings.

        Raikou = Raijū (Thunder Beast)
        Entei = Komainu (Dog Lion)
        Suicune = Qilin (a variation of one)

        While they are all indeed displaying feline characteristics, they are not based on cats as animals but physical creatures in their own right.

        At the end of the day, none of these are cats they are simply “cat inspired” characters.

  6. Thanks for your comment A. Mew is an embryo made up up all DNA from all Pokemon. There is a reason Mew enjoys bubbles. The name is to signify a small/young creature. Mewing isn’t only seen in cats, many other mammals mew including birds. That brings us back to being made up of all Pokemon. A “mew” is a universal sound of baby animals/creatures there for naming a creature that is made up of many creatures “Mew” makes sense.

  7. Excuse me? Mew is not feline? Do you need an explanation of the word MEW? (Also, it HAS been confirmed that Mew is feline. Same for Mewtwo.) But anyway: Mew = sound a KITTEN makes. Mewtwo = close copy of Mew = also feline. Also yes, the Eeveeloutions are foxes, but it is worth mentioning: I am in pro cat showing. I have seen Maine Coon cats and had to take a second look bc I thought it was an Eevee at first glance. Plus, foxes are cat-dogs anyway.

    • Many young mammals make a mewing sound. Name the source that said Mew and Mewtwo are confirmed cats. I couldn’t find anything when I searched it but didn’t dig very deep. I think Mew and Mewtwo are more likely based on kangaroos IF their based on anything at all (It’s more likely a mash on many animals in my opinion, that would make senses with the Pokedex entries), Mew based on a joey and Mewtwo based on a full-grown kangaroo. And the Pokedex entries? Let me list just a few: “Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokemon.” “I’ts DNA is said to contain the genetic codes of all Pokemon, so it can use all kinds of techniques.” That Maine Coon seems cool, most I’ve seen are tabbies with raccoon-like striped tails (hence name “Maine Coon”). Nothing Eevee like at all besides maybe lots of floof.

    • Thanks for your comment Hayley. As mentioned, the Eeveelutions are all based on the “elements being one” and they are fox-like creatures. Yes, Espeon does look like a cat but I can assure you they were all modeled after the fennec fox which is a small cat-like fox with large ears or at the very least some form of fox. My list is cat based Pokemon, no interpretations or mixed animal creations. It would not make sense to have Eevee (who is a fox) change into a cat.

  8. Ive always used him/her in my teams but what about Raikou , he is quiet clearly a cat , well more wild cat (saber-tooth tiger ) hence the stripes , not really to sure about his other two counterparts but Entei could be classed as part cat looking abit like a lion.

    • Thanks for your comment LoleniT. My list is of “cat only” Pokemon. No mixes. Raikou is considered a “beast” because it is made up up 3 different animals… feline, canine, and rodent. If you want to interpret him as being a feline, that is up to you! This list is just very basic, no interpretations or guesses, nothing but cats.

  9. Eevee should not make the cut. They are mostly foxes, with some dog/cat/rodent in the mix. Some show more then others in certain evolutions. But the basis for all of them is still fox. If you collor a cat and a fennec in espeon collours you see it actually resembles a fennec more. I think the tail throws people off. They are not cats, They are mixes at best. Foxes at worst and in both cases should not make the list. That being said they do not belong on a dog or rodent list either. They do however belong in a fox list as that is their basis, while all other animal elements are just that, elements. Also some of the eevee evolutions are more dog like Jolteon, so that by default means you can’t list all Eevee evoltutions. Which means if you listed anything you could only list those mostly resembling cats. But then you will start a war as people’s opinions differ greatly on which eevee evolution resembles a dog or a cat more. So the best way to go is the middle ground. Fox, which is still the basis for all of them. Great job on the rest of the list however! Ignoring the Eevee part, you have one of the most accurate cat lists online. Many others tend to add pokemon who are not actually cats and it’s annoying. As somebody who loves cats, I like my cat lists to be actual cats and not part cat part something else. Eevee is great and all, but it just isn’t a cat, nor are any of it’s evolutions. Vaporeon and Espeon come close, but still are at the very least part fox. While Jolteon and Umbreon look more dog like, and the rest just mostly fox with some bunny in there. In fact I’d argue they are mostly Fox/Bunny with a bit of dog and cat depending on the evolution. But yeah, They just are not cats. As a cat lover I just feel a strong urge to defend cats and not have them be insulted by having pokemon who are not casts be passed as them. When you love salty food you won’t be happy if something sweet is passed as salty just because it has some salt in it. This is the same. I’m glad you did not add Zangoose however as that is NO cat. I actually rage when people get stupid and don’t do research first. People take the english pokedex to seriously and forget the english pokedex is not the real one. It’s a translation of the actual real japanese one, and sometimes translation errors occur. Zangoos is based of a mongoose (which it’s rivalry with snake pokemon seviper proves) and is only called cat in the english pokedex because the japanese word for mongoose litterly translates as Cat Weasel. Its a translation error.. and not the first nor the last one. people need to stop taking the english pokedex for fact when it’s filled with translation errors. Blastoise is not a “shellfish”, Caterpie is not a “worm”, Zangoose is not a ”cat weasel”, in fact Pikachu is not even a mouse. Pikachu is a Pika (look it up, it’s family of rabbits and hares more then it is to a mouse). There are many more such examples. The translation team needs better people..seriously. May that be a lesson to all pokedex noobs. Not that you where guilty of that but never hurts to educate other people along the way.

    • Totally agree! There are loads of somewhat felinoid Pokemon, but the one’s on this list are as close to “pure” cats as you can get. Totally didn’t fight that Mew is more kangaroo-esque then felinoid from 3-5 a.m. today.

    • Thanks for your comment Pacat. Actually, they are considered weasels. That fall under the “cat-like” category like Snorlax where they appear to have cat characteristics but are not cats.

      • Ok, I get your point. But sometimes when you win with weavile in pokkén tournament, iT washes himshelfs like A cat does.

      • “Weavile is a bipedal, weasel-like Pokémon with a pale gray body and several feathery areas.” -bulbapedia

        Weavile is a weasel with cat-like characteristics. His appearance is a tribal/Aztec like design. The yellow gem on its head is “the sun” and the fan is the universe. It is meant to be a tribal pack-Pokemon.

        Also…Weasels clean themselves just like cats do as well!

    • Because they are not cats? People don’t forget them, they don’t add them on purpose. They might have some cat like qualities, but that does not make them cats. Most pokemon are mixes of things. What defies if they are close to a real life animal or object is what they are based on most. If a pokemon is 80% cat 20% something else I say it qualifies as cat. if it’s 50/50 or less it does not. Weavile and Sneasel are 50/50 AT BEST but there is a chance they are just weasels and aren’t cats at all. Don’t take bulbapedia/or english pokedex to seriously as it’s often filled with bad translations or wrong information. You want to know for yourself what is the truth? The REAL truth? Learn japanese and read the japanese pokedex. Thats the only true canon of pokemon information as thats the direct source. Also a lot of pokemon get new voice overs in america and lose their original japanese voices as many japanese names are different from english ones. I don’t know if it does a Meow! in japanese pokken game. If it does check if the sound does not also resemble what a weasel sounds like (some animals make similar sounds to cats, and vice versa). If a weasel sounds nothing like that, and the japanese version meows, then it could be part cat. Even then it would only be part cat at best, and not an actual cat based pokemon. But a weasel based pokemon, who happens to have a little cat to it as well.

      • Thanks for your comment Hear me roar. That was a long one! As mentioned in my post, I felt “some” of the eeveelutions look mostly like cats (Espeon being the main one) which is why I mentioned them. Most also act like cats in the anime. They are not included in the main list of 17 cat inspired Pokemon because, as I stated, they are clearly not full cat. They are mixed and mostly made up of being elemental foxes. Much like Fennekin, Eevee is modeled closely after the Fennec Fox. When I look at Pokemon I don’t go by the Pokedex entirely. Many of them are inspired not just by animals but by history, culture, and even religion. As for Pikachu, I refer to him as a rat as I never personally liked him. And yes, Zangoose is a mongoose 100%. I think people get confused because other animals do naturally act like cats in many ways. Anyways, thank you for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed it… well, other then the Eevee bit. I agree that Eevee is clearly a fox. No argument there.

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