Tubes, tunnels, paw-pattering noodles! Whatever you call them, most cats seem to really enjoy these! I have looked at many options and have found one for each kind of kitty out there. What tunnel-type is your cat?

Curved – Crawler

This kind of tunnel is great for explorers who like to crawl. The curved option allows them to remain hidden from some angles in the tube. This option is also great for cats who enjoy zig-zag play. With only two entryways and a small window, your cat will feel pleased with his/her hunting game!

cat curved tunnel

Great For:

  • Slow players

  • One to two cats

  • Small to medium cats

Straight – Runner

If your cat loves bolting in a straight line at hyper speed, they will love this! The straight tube allows your kitty to run straight through and the length also allows them to hide within the tunnel itself. Having 4 entryways allows easy access for multiple cats to play at once.

cat straight tunnel

Great For:

  • Fast players

  • Multi-cat

  • Medium to large cats

Padded – Lounger

For cats who prefer to lounge around and be warm, this cozy option offers both a hidden tunnel as well as an open laying pad on the outside. Because it is padded, it will last longer if your kitty loves to use their nails during play.

Great For:

  • Lounging and casual play

  • One to two cats

  • Small to medium cats

3-Way – Sporadic

If you want to see your already crazy cat go even wilder, this tunnel is for you! It has three entryways with a center “pop-out” hole for endless options for your cat. This is also a great tunnel system if you have more than one kitty. The shape tends to be a favorite among kittens and multi-cat homes!

cat 3-way tunnel

Great For:

  • Hyper players

  • Multi-cat

  • Medium to large cats

Straight Short – Shy

For a more cautious cat who may find a long tunnel intimidating, this is a great option. Your cat can lay around inside it or choose to bolt in and out of it. The size is small enough to not be overwhelming but big enough for you kitty to still enjoy being inside of.

cat short tunnel

Great For:

  • Shy/skittish players

  • Single cat/kittens

  • Small to medium cats

Pants – Goofy

The shape of this tunnel is not only hilarious to us but makes a great play option for single cats and kittens! There are 2 small entryways with one large entrance at the top. I would not recommend getting this for bigger cats (over 10 pounds) as the bottoms of the pants are quite small. It makes a great tunnel for kittens though!

cat pants tunnel

Great For:

  • Romper play

  • Single cat (or kittens)

  • Kittens to small cats

What kind of tunnel does your kitty prefer? Tell us in the comments!

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