Origami cat

Amazingly Simple Cat Crafts

Whether you are a cat lover or know someone who is, these cat crafts make very fun and personal gifts! They are very basic crafting concepts that just about anyone can do.

Kitten playing

5 Toys Every Cat Needs

With so many cat toys to choose from, you may be stuck wondering what to buy. Here are 5 essential cat toys that nearly every cat will love!

Cat wearing headphones

Music for Cats

Did you know that cats could enjoy music? Two psychologists at the University of Wisconsin teamed up with a composer and have made music specifically designed for cats to enjoy!

Christmas cat

A Cat’s Guide to Christmas

Christmas with your cats is wonderful, and they will help you too! Here are 8 things your cat will do to make Christmas as enjoyable as possible!

Bionic Bird Drone

Cat-Friendly Drone

The Bionic Bird is a beautifully crafted drone that flies just like a bird. With its size and sturdy frame, we think your cat will love chasing it around!

Cat table

Cat Friendly Furniture Ideas

Adding some creative and cat-friendly furniture to your home will not only cut down on cat tree clutter, but it also makes for a very interesting conversational piece!