Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

If your cat is experiencing health issues and you aren’t sure what the cause is, don’t rule out a food allergy. Here are common the signs and symptoms.

Chicken-Free Cat Food

Chicken-Free Cat Food

The most common allergy for cats is chicken and you may be wondering what food to buy. We’ve compiled a list of great wet & dry food to make it easier!

By-products in Cat Food

By-Products in Cat Food

By-products are common in most cat foods, but are they bad for your cat? Let’s take a look at what a by-product is and if you should be concerned.

Green Tea Benefits for Cats

Green Tea Benefits for Cats

Green tea has been shown to give us humans plenty of benefits from aiding weight loss to oral protection, but did you know your cat can benefit from drinking it?

Cat Eating Meat

Should I Feed My Cat Red Meat?

Not many people consider what kinds of meat they should be feeding their cat. What if some meat is not as ideal for them? Let’s talk about cats and red meat.

Sad Cat

3 Tips to End Cat Puking for Good

If you have a cat who pukes often, you may be wondering what is going on. Puking is not normal in cats. Here are 3 tips to help a cat with a puking problem!

Cat Eating

Avoiding Corn, Grains, and Soy

Finding a healthier cat food that doesn’t contain corn, grains or soy can be difficult. We explain why these 3 ingredients should be avoided and suggest alternative food.

Cat eating

Cat Bowls: What to Buy

Cat bowls come in many shapes, sizes and materials, but which is the best? This guide will help you choose the best bowl for your cat based on size, depth and material!

Cat candy cane

Can a Cat Eat Candy Canes?

During the Christmas season, you may want to share the festive food with your cat. Most meat and some vegetables are okay, but what about candy canes?

Wheatgrass for cats

9 Benefits of Wheatgrass for Cats

Wheatgrass is amazing. This super rich antioxidant is packed with many minerals and vitamins making it the perfect natural supplement not only for humans, but cats too!