Christmas cats, Easter Cats, Halloween cats, Birthday cats, seasonal cat gifts, and more! Enjoy the holidays with your cat.

Cat Christmas (catsmas) 0

Catsmas vs Catmas

Tis the season for catnip by an open fire, naps on the heated blanket, and attacking that tree! That’s right! Catsmas season is here! Or is it “Catmas”? While there...

Halloween cat 2

78 Cats in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the spookiest holiday of the year and what better way to celebrate it then with your cats? Well, okay, maybe not everyone wants to stay at home and...

Kitty Christmas 0

Meowy Catsmas!

It’s that time of year again. Broken ornaments, knocked over trees, and all the hair-filled cookies you can eat! If you are like me, you celebrate your holidays with your...

Christmas cat 0

A Cat’s Guide to Christmas

It is important for every cat to be fully prepared for the holiday season. Some cats may wonder “What can I do to make this holiday season better for my...

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