Catit Flower Fountain Review

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

The Catit Flower Fountain is a new design on an old favorite. Most cats prefer moving water which always made pet fountains a great option but they are typically too large and costly. This fountain is different. Why? It was made with your cat in mind!

First Impression

The fountain came in a very nice box, I was surprised! The box itself is detailed on the cardboard as well as a slip sheet over this with all the information about the fountain itself. You can tell how compact the fountain is from the size of the box. Everything was packaged very well and with care.

Setting Up

It took a quick look at the instructions and about 5 minutes to get it going. You have to take everything out and clean it prior to use and you also have to give the filter a quick rinse. Everything fit together with no issues. It is made of plastic but it feels very solid. Not too heavy and not too light. Once water is in the fountain, the weight is perfect so it won’t easily be tipped over. The pump that flows the water up to the top is also very well designed. It’s not like one of those cheap air pumps you find in most water fountains or cheap fish tanks. There are also suction feet to keep it in place.

Flow Options

There are three options you can use to suit your cat’s needs. The main one is with the flower and that is the one I set up. You can also remove the center of the flower for a bubbled flow or take the flower off completely for a shallow flow of water. It is too soon to tell which my cats will prefer. I personally like the full set up so I will keep it like this for a week and see how they like it. In the pictures, I did not use a full fill up of the base which is why the stream itself seems light. After filling it up a bit more, the flow is much better.

Pros & Cons

Now that you’ve seen the unboxing process, all the parts, how to assemble it, and some pictures. Let’s list some pros and cons (if you can call it that!)

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Great design
  • Several water flow options
  • Compact size
  • Purrfect height for cats
  • The power cord is too short
  • Hard to remove flower center
  • Flow is strong only when filled right up


Well, their first impression of the fountain wasn’t great. They both walked up to it and gave it a few sniffs then walked away. They have not been by it since setting it up. I think this is because fountains are new to them and they will need to get used to it. They seemed to be interested in what it was but remained cautious of it. My dogs didn’t help the situation, both of them wanted to drink from it which made my cats runoff. If you are wondering why I do not have a video or pictures of my cats near it, thank my dogs!


Overall I give the Catit Flower Fountain four paws out of five. It has a great design and is super easy to care for but I don’t think it’s for every cat. You won’t know if your cat likes or not until you try it for yourself. I’ll keep it running but I will still have to offer another source of water until I know they are okay with the fountain. I will follow up with an update in the near future and hopefully get some pictures and video of my two cats using it after I try moving it around to different areas of my home to see what they prefer. As I mentioned, not all cats will enjoy drinking this way but many will so I still feel it is worth trying out.

Learn more about the fountain at
You can purchase it in the US on Amazon or Petco.

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3 thoughts on “Catit Flower Fountain Review”

  1. Wow – the reviews on Amazon for this product are scary – did you read them? I’d never buy this product. Slime, mold, breakdowns, noise, rude CS, never will I buy this.

    • Thanks for your comment Diana. This review is based on my own experience with the fountain. They may have changed parts on it or changed distributors since reviewing it. I have not had any issues with it myself other than the cord being too short and needing to fill it up enough to have an even flow.


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