Catit Grooming Kit Review

Last Updated on April 8, 2020

The Catit Grooming Kit is an easy way to get all your cat’s grooming needs in one convenient container. You have the option of purchasing one for short or long hair cats cutting out any guesswork. I will be doing my review on the short hair grooming kit!

First Impression

The first thing I noticed was the adorable box. Just like the Catit Flower Fountain, it features a cute print all around the outside. Upon opening the box, it was very neatly and tightly stored to prevent any damage as well as placed in a protective plastic bag. The outside container is very firm and well made, no cheap plastic! There is an easy to read guide that shows each brush and their usage on the back. Inside the container, the brushes were protected by a hard plastic cover to keep them in place. Once again, I am very impressed with the packaging of Catit products.


Each brush has its own unique use for your kitty. Going through all four I noticed how well they are made. The rubber palm brush is a very sturdy yet flexible rubber that is designed to offer a massage whilst it collects loose hairs. The nylon slicker brush is a standard brush you can find at most pet shops that offer an easy soft brushing over your cat’s coat. The metal slicker brush is a firmer brush in that it has to be used gently but it grabs deep down in the coat to remove loose undercoat hair. Last but not least is the fine grooming comb which is great for general brushing and getting harder to reach areas like the neck and in between the legs. It also doubles as a pre-detangler to prevent knots. Not pictured is a very nice claw trimmer that is also included in the kit. I have yet to use that as I only trim my cat’s nails with the change of the seasons.

Thoughts from My Cats

I was pleasantly surprised by Joey’s reaction to the brushes. More so SHOCKED that he actually really enjoyed the rubber palm brush. Twiggy was a bit finicky but he is always this way and has to be “in the mood” to be brushed which is usually only after he has had a bath. Overall, I think they both enjoy them. Take a look at the video and see for yourself!


Overall I give the Catit Grooming Kit (short hair) five paws out of five. They are very well made brushes and I know I will get a lot of use out of them. My older cat seemingly took to them right away and really enjoyed me using them on him. Each brush collected a good amount of hair for only using them for about a minute or so each. I was really impressed by the rubber palm brushes ability to pull up loose hairs. The teeth on the 3 other brushes are made to last and you can tell by just feeling them. The upfront price is high but when you consider what you get, it makes sense. Buying brushes like these at a pet store individually will cost you between $8 and $15 a piece and the nail clippers are usually around $10 for a good pair.  You are looking at spending around $60. This is without a container to store them in. You do end up getting a nice deal and I feel it is worth the buy for anyone who is serious about the health and care of their feline’s coat.

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