Black Friday Shopping for Cats

Last Updated on April 4, 2020

Black Friday is that one day a year many look forward to, some dread, and others just completely avoid. With all the deals and savings going on, it is easy to overlook some special savings on things you may have not even thought of: CAT TOYS! Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your Black Friday if you are shopping for that special kitty (or kitties) in your life.

Leave Mittens at Home

You may be tempted to bring your cat (or dog) shopping with you but because this is considered the busiest day of the year to be out shopping, it is best you don’t. This is purely for safety reasons. No matter how calm your cat may be or how much you insist they enjoy going to the pet store, it is not worth an accident happening. You have to consider the number of people that will be out as well and that can be a bit overwhelming.

Check the Ads

Some pet shops will release Black Friday flyers but only a few days before the actual event. If you have not seen any of these ads, they are worth looking over as some of the deals end by noon. Here are the deals at major pet shops:

Online Deals

There are some pet shops that are online only and worth checking out. A few places to check for deals are Drs Foster Smith, Chewy, (1-800)Pet Supplies, Pet Mountain, Amazon, and eBay. It is best to check for deals on these sites early in the day as many of them do not have actual ads to look over pre-Black Friday.

Don’t Forget Cyber Monday

Speaking of checking online for deals, don’t forget Cyber Monday! This day is believed by many to be only for tech items and gifts and it is not- at least not anymore! This day is the following Monday after Black Friday and is for online shoppers. Most online stores run deals, even if they had some in-store ones. Be sure to check all the pet shops mentioned above, especially the online-only ones!

Check Social Media

Twitter is the best way to get snap of the finger deals from major (and even minor) pet shops. Be sure to have an account on Twitter and follow shops like Petco, Petsmart, and Pet Supplies “Plus”. If you are not much of a Twitter user, check Facebook pages and/or Instagram accounts. Here is a small list of Twitter accounts to check out:

It is easy to go overboard and throw money away when shopping for Christmas gifts. This is especially true for those of us who shop for our cats for Catsmas/Catmas! Consider the activity level of your cat before buying anything. Think of the toys they enjoy, the toys they never touch, and for the love of God! PUT DOWN THAT SWEATER! Yes, some cats don’t mind wearing those ugly Christmas sweaters, but most dislike it. Don’t waste your money on that kind of stuff. Leave it to the dogs!

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