A Cat’s Guide to Christmas

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

It is important for every cat to be fully prepared for the holiday season. Some cats may wonder “What can I do to make this holiday season better for my pet human?”. Well, you have come to the right place! Here is a complete guide to making the holiday season with your human more relaxing, cheerful, and less stressful!

1. Help Your Human Wrap Gifts

They need help, especially when they start yelling and moving to the other room. Be sure to lay on as much wrapping and tissue paper as possible. If you find the tape, it is best not to touch that otherwise it will get stuck on your fur! As for ribbons… GAME ON!

2. Take A Nap

This is necessary. Take several naps throughout the day in the most inconvenient places. This will encourage your human to also take breaks and they may even feed you extra treats to make you move! Always go back to the spot they lured you away from.

3. Help Your Human Decorate the Tree

Make sure everything is on nice and tight! It does not matter if you start from the bottom or the top, if anything falls off then your human needs to fix the problem. A true way to test the security of the tree is to just knock it over. If they yell, that means you’re doing a great job!

4. Take a Nap

Did I mention taking naps? VERY important! Remember to choose the best places like kitchen tables, on the stairs, blocking the vent where the warm air comes through. Get creative!

5. Baking? Help Your Human with That Too!

Be sure to use ninja-like skills while in the kitchen. Always remember, when your hair is all over the kitchen, it will end up in the cookies! What better gift for your human than to spread your love to them and all their friends and family?

6. Enjoy the Fire

Breaks are very necessary to keep stress levels down. Snuggle up and enjoy the fire. Who said this is all about your pet human? They will likely be out shopping for more treats and food for you anyways.

7. Don’t Open Gifts

Even if they try giving them to you early, REFUSE! They just want to trick you into opening their gifts early! Walk away, turn your cheek, just be sure they get the message that it is not Christmas yet and you want to wait!

8. Open the Gifts

Do it when no one is around and be sure to open them all! Don’t pay attention to the name tags, they are all for you! You will probably get extra points for leaving the paper all over the room and knocking some stuff off the tree. Make it festive!

Picture Purrfect!

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