Catsmas vs Catmas

Last Updated on March 31, 2020

Tis the season for catnip by an open fire, naps on the heated blanket, and attacking that tree! That’s right! Catsmas season is here! Or is it “Catmas”? While there is no true definition of the holiday, I want to put my own spin on it to help you decide for yourself.

Cat(mas) vs Cats(mas)

The way I view it and say it is dependent on the number of cats in one household. As you can see above, one uses the singular “cat” where the other uses the plural “cats”. If you have one cat in your home, you will be celebrating “CATmas” and if you have more than one (two or more), you will be celebrating “CATSmas”. Make sense? As for the way they sound, I feel “Catsmas” sounds closer to “Christmas” because it has the “s” in the middle.

What Is This About?

If you are reading this post and scratching your head, Catsmas is essentially Christmas but celebrated with a cat theme in mind. No, this is not about worshiping your cat and it certainly isn’t mocking Christians (although Christmas is technically a Pagan holiday covered with Christian morals and stories by the Catholic church – Ehh, Google it). Catsmas is simply a fun way to include your love for cat(s) into the holiday season!

How to Celebrate?

This is the fun part… Do whatever you’d like! This is your holiday to celebrate with your cat(s) however you please! You can choose to wear Catsmas themed sweaters, sip warm milk instead of hot-cocoa, decorate the tree with kitty-themed ornaments, and heck! Buy your kitty some gifts! I do every year and yes, they actually do claw them open! The trick is to use tissue paper for wrapping and sprinkling a bit of catnip on each toy.

Get Creative!

Need a cat-friendly Christmas tree? Make one! Check out 5 Cat Friendly Christmas Tree Options for inspurration!

However you choose to pronounce and spell the day is completely up to you, this goes for celebrating it as well. This isn’t meant to be taken seriously but something done just for fun. I hope you and your family have a Meowy Catsmas season this year! 

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