CBD Oil for Cats

More and more studies are emerging showing how marijuana can actually help humans, and yes, even cats! We don’t mean marijuana in the way you’d usually think of it, we mean in the form of products such as CBD oil. Let’s explore them.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of 60+ compounds found within the cannabis plant. These “cannabinoids” are essentially the molecules that make up the plant’s substance. THC is the more well-known cannabinoid known for getting its users “stoned” or “high”. What makes CBD amazing is that it actually counteracts the effects of THC. Strains of the plant that have higher levels of CBD naturally have lower levels of THC. These strains of cannabis are used medically because they are either non-psychoactive or much less psychoactive compared to strains with high levels of THC.

What Can CBD Oil Do?

Well, to put it short – It can be used to relieve inflammation, reduce pain, relieve anxiety, ease spasms, prevent seizures, and then some! All these benefits come from CBD without the lethargic feelings or psychedelic reactions of THC.

Cannabinoid Studies

The National Institutes of Heath have several publicly documented studies for cats and cannabinoids. You can view a complete list of those studies here: NIH Studies

How Can CBD Oil Benefit My Cat?

CBD is an amazing compound because it is a more natural medicine that can treat the same things in cats as it does in humans. This means you now have access to a safer alternative to medications that are used to treat many ailments your cat may have.

A few things that CBD infused oils, treats, and supplements can do for your cat are:

  • Prevent and Cure Cancer (further studies needed)
  • Help with Digestion/Relieve Nausea
  • Relief from Anxiety and Phobias
  • Improve Joint Mobility/Reverse Arthritis
  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  • Suppress Epilepsy and Seizures
  • Improve Skin and Coat Conditions
  • Aid in General Aging and Wellness
Never Give Marijuana to Your Cat!

It is important to note that marijuana is considered toxic to cats. Read Can A Cat Get High? for more information and to learn why it is a bad idea to do this.

If you are a health-conscious pet owner who has a cat that suffers from anything, it’s worth looking into CBD options for them. Many pet owners do not feel comfortable administering prescription drugs to their pets and I can’t blame them! Most are like human-grade drugs and come with a lot of risks. With CBD, the only known side-effect is becoming too sedated. CBD can promote relaxation to the point of mild sedation which means the dosage is either too high or your cat is simply too sensitive to cannabidiol.

And yes, it is LEGAL in all 50 states so long as the THC level is less than 0.3%!
It is worth checking with your vet for possible options in helping your kitty live a better and more fulfilling life.

Where To Buy

Depending on your location and local laws, you may be able to find it in-store or you may need to shop for it online. Be sure to compare prices before buying. There are different formulas and ways of giving CBD to pets as well such as liquid, meal flavoring, treats, and more.

If you are having trouble finding CBD oil, hemp oil also offers many of the same benefits for often half the cost. It is worth looking into! You can check out prices and compare options of hemp oil on Amazon.

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Mark M. Miller

this artical is very help ful for me. I have a dog. before few time. he has Had some problem in his muscle. my friend Told me about CBD oil And i used CBD oil for 2 weeks. and now he is very healthy.


I found some CBD online stores in Canada and they aren’t selling any CBD products – out of stock or not converted to legalization in Canada (?). I haven’t found a US store that ships to Canada. My vet knows little about using it for my cat that can’t tolerate metacam anti-inflammatory pain med. Any help gratefully accepted.


Hi Pat, I am in Canada and get CBD oil in specialty shops. Now there is legalization – I hope you can get the CBD oil at your local marijuana. I have been in a couple and they sell CBD oil specifically for pets but – any oil will do. You will have to adjust it to your cat’s weight and the potency of the oil. Any person at the shop would likely know. I am located in Windsor, Ontario and there is a CBD shop there – CBD Emporium. I am sure they will be able to help you… Read more »

john wilson

Am John Wilson….. am from East Orange New Jersey….. i want to share my testimony of how this great doctor called Alabi Mohammed cured me from cancer, i was diagnosed of CANCER 4 years and my Liver was bad. i have gone to many hospital here in USA but i couldnt find a cure until I saw a post on how Dr. ALABI MOHAMMED.. Herbal home cured mr. david from cancer disease. I contacted him via. his email… dralabim5@gmail.com and told him about my health, he asked me not to worry anymore that he’s going to prepare the medicine and… Read more »

Dona Chapman

Amazon is out of Pet Club Brothers hemp. Do you have another brand that works for inflammation?

Dona Chapman

My cat has a gum disease that has resulted in the loss of almost all her teeth, either surgically or they fall out. We took her to the vet and asked about cannabis, but they don’t carry it. This morning I found a molar on the kitchen floor. My sweet kitty has only three teeth left. can you please tell me what you buy for your cat and has it helped her gum disease?

mary motycka

My cat has advanced cancer. Where can I buy CBD oil for her. She has stopped eating and is wasting away.


Can you contact Mary Motycka directely or can you only respond on youtube? If you can contact her directly, tell her to email me at jglover9@cogeco.ca.

I have the name of a couple of places but I don’t know if I can post them on youtube.

Please let me now if you can do this.


Mary: I don’t know if this will be posted to youtube. I just lost my beloved girl to cancer and here is what I learned. a) I purchased some of the CBDistillery oil from a local store. It can be purchased online. They make one specifically for pets (5 drops, 2 times per day [or as needed, I would think]). It will help with calming. http://cbdistillery.net/cbd-shop/index.html (they don’t give out info on this stuff). This is not the cancer curing CBD. Cannapet, in the US, carries the cancer curing oil. Tell me if you live in Canada. I have two… Read more »

jo howard

My little one has been through so much. I took her to the vet sneezing blood. They pulled out all her teeth and not only was she still sneezing blood, but then her mouth hurt so much she refused to eat. I force fed for 15 days. I found a tutorial on line on how to swaddle a cat, it made force feeding so much easier for one person. The vet gave Mirtazapine to stimulate her appetite and got her through that crises, but she is clearly suffering a nasal tumor or some such so I started her on CBD… Read more »


Jo Howard: heartbreaking! Would Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic) help in any way? Putting a drop in her nose, at least in her water or food? I just read there are 3 types of colloidal silver: clear, amber and dark brown. It is the dark brown you want for internal use, clear for topical, don’t use amber, according to this article (https://www.playfulkitty.net/2015/03/12/is-colloidal-silver-safe-for-cats/). I also read that CS works well with Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) (I don’t know much about this though). This is an interesting article and suggests how much to give (https://pathwithpaws.com/blog/2011/12/29/a-mini-protocol-for-any-cancer/). Plus https://www.boxerforums.com/holistic-care/71026-ip6-inositol-cancer-prevention-treatment.html


Mary: here is the trailer for Episode 6 of Ty Bollinger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGQ19PcM-z4
It may give you some names to look up. I can’t find the full episode; I believe it is only available if purchased or when it is offered for free. Sign up, just in case. Dr. Mercola is good.


Would this help my cat with separation anxiety? Her story’s long so I will cut it short. She was taken from her stray mom 5 weeks old then came back a yr later.First 3 months I took her in she hid under the bed. Now my bedroom is her home. She clings to me when I hold her. Hides but wants to be picked up. Will not stand up to my cats. It’s been a yr.


Hi Laura: There is also a product called ‘Feliway’ which is in either a spray or a diffuser. It consists of a combination of scents (herbs?) that help calm cats. It will help to calm you kitty. I have used the diffuser to help with the overall area my cat was in, as well as spraying the eg. carry case she was going in to drive to the vet. The spray definitely calms them in an isolated area, but the diffuser works on the whole house. Vets sell it and now pet stores are carrying it. It would get the… Read more »


Are there different types of pet CBD for different ailments? Or, does one type work for every problem? Where does one find CBD in Canada? I’m looking for lung cancer and pain/inflammation for my cat.


Here is one store for Canadians: https://www.cannabiscare.ca/collections/pets/ – Be sure to do research for purchasing and using.


How about cbd oil for a cat with stomatitis? He’s about 8lbs. What is the recommended dosage/strength?


I’m wondering about this too! My cat is two and got stomatitis early but he’s always eaten pretty well and is begging for food. When it’s dinner time. He is however slow sometimes at eating and he makes a mess. I haven’t lost hope that we can figure out something to avoid a full extraction since he hasn’t completely lost his appetite-

Gynith Shaeffer

Did you ever get an answer? I have 2 cats with stomatitis. One of them is very obese from taking steroids and now is having litterbox issues!


My cat has failing kidneys and has also lost his appetite. I am having to force a pill down his throat everyday to stimulate his appetite and sometimes it takes me 4-5 times before I can get it down. He hates me. The pill works but I hate having to do this to him. Those of you who have used the CBD oil, does it seem to stimulate the appetite as well? I see so many brands of this on the market now that I’m looking, could anyone recommend a brand they are using where you don’t have to use… Read more »


Hempworx.com/LeaRae. We have 100% Organic Non GMO cbd oil for pets 250 for pets.


I recommend petwellbeing.com They have a kidney support product which is herbal and helping my cat. They have an online vet to chat with and I’ve tried a few for various cats. I’m very impressed. Don’t make the same mistake I did with the cbd oil. Even though I told them at the dispensary, it was for a cat, they gave me cbd oil with lavender. I gave it to him for a whole week before learning lavender essential oil is toxic to cats. Try sardines in a can with spring water, not oil. This may tempt him. Two of… Read more »


One thing that I would recommend is that you figure out exactly how much CBD you’re giving him. THEN, check out a place like CBDistillery. They list the amount of CBD per ml on each of their bottles. Typically, a single drop is .5ml. So if I buy their 2500mg bottle, it tells me there’s 83.33mg CBD per ml. So a drop would be 41.67 mg CBD per drop. Looking at a lower (more pet-friendly) strength, the pet tincture is 10mg CBD per ml, so a drop would be .5ml. If your cat is around 5 lbs, that would be… Read more »


My cat has a serious gum condition. Was in pain and not eating. Also early stage kidney disease so surgery is not an option. I gave him one drop of low adult strength cbd and results were wonderful. I used charlottes web olive oil 9mg and will do so for the rest of his life.