CBD Oil for Cats

Last Updated on April 8, 2020

More and more studies are emerging showing how marijuana can actually help humans, and yes, even cats! We don’t mean marijuana in the way you’d usually think of it, we mean in the form of products such as CBD oil. Let’s explore them.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of 60+ compounds found within the cannabis plant. These “cannabinoids” are essentially the molecules that make up the plant’s substance. THC is the more well-known cannabinoid known for getting its users “stoned” or “high”. What makes CBD amazing is that it actually counteracts the effects of THC. Strains of the plant that have higher levels of CBD naturally have lower levels of THC. These strains of cannabis are used medically because they are either non-psychoactive or much less psychoactive compared to strains with high levels of THC.

What Can CBD Oil Do?

Well, to put it short – It can be used to relieve inflammation, reduce pain, relieve anxiety, ease spasms, prevent seizures, and then some! All these benefits come from CBD without the lethargic feelings or psychedelic reactions of THC.

Cannabinoid Studies

The National Institutes of Heath have several publicly documented studies for cats and cannabinoids. You can view a complete list of those studies here: NIH Studies

How Can CBD Oil Benefit My Cat?

CBD is an amazing compound because it is a more natural medicine that can treat the same things in cats as it does in humans. This means you now have access to a safer alternative to medications that are used to treat many ailments your cat may have.

A few things that CBD infused oils, treats, and supplements can do for your cat are:

  • Prevent and Cure Cancer (further studies needed)
  • Help with Digestion/Relieve Nausea
  • Relief from Anxiety and Phobias
  • Improve Joint Mobility/Reverse Arthritis
  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  • Suppress Epilepsy and Seizures
  • Improve Skin and Coat Conditions
  • Aid in General Aging and Wellness
Never Give Marijuana to Your Cat!

It is important to note that marijuana is considered toxic to cats. Read Can A Cat Get High? for more information and to learn why it is a bad idea to do this.

If you are a health-conscious pet owner who has a cat that suffers from anything, it’s worth looking into CBD options for them. Many pet owners do not feel comfortable administering prescription drugs to their pets and I can’t blame them! Most are like human-grade drugs and come with a lot of risks. With CBD, the only known side-effect is becoming too sedated. CBD can promote relaxation to the point of mild sedation which means the dosage is either too high or your cat is simply too sensitive to cannabidiol.

And yes, it is LEGAL in all 50 states so long as the THC level is less than 0.3%!
It is worth checking with your vet for possible options in helping your kitty live a better and more fulfilling life.

Where To Buy

Depending on your location and local laws, you may be able to find it in-store or you may need to shop for it online. Be sure to compare prices before buying. There are different formulas and ways of giving CBD to pets as well such as liquid, meal flavoring, treats, and more.

If you are having trouble finding CBD oil, hemp oil also offers many of the same benefits for often half the cost. It is worth looking into! You can check out prices and compare options of hemp oil on Amazon.

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126 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Cats”

  1. Would this help my cat with separation anxiety? Her story’s long so I will cut it short. She was taken from her stray mom 5 weeks old then came back a yr later.First 3 months I took her in she hid under the bed. Now my bedroom is her home. She clings to me when I hold her. Hides but wants to be picked up. Will not stand up to my cats. It’s been a yr.

    • Thanks for your comment Laura. You can read through this brief study here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24923339 as well as look into other ones. It is said that CBD oil can help anxiety and all anxiety related issues in both humans and cats. While some see better results than others, it is definitely something you can consider trying. Speak with your vet about it. If your vet doesn’t have any information on CBD for you, get in touch with a holistic veterinarian in your area.

    • Hi Laura:

      There is also a product called ‘Feliway’ which is in either a spray or a diffuser. It consists of a combination of scents (herbs?) that help calm cats. It will help to calm you kitty.

      I have used the diffuser to help with the overall area my cat was in, as well as spraying the eg. carry case she was going in to drive to the vet. The spray definitely calms them in an isolated area, but the diffuser works on the whole house.

      Vets sell it and now pet stores are carrying it. It would get the diffuser so the whole room/house is affected.

      I think this may help you a great deal. https://www.feliway.com/ca_en/

  2. Are there different types of pet CBD for different ailments? Or, does one type work for every problem? Where does one find CBD in Canada? I’m looking for lung cancer and pain/inflammation for my cat.

    • Thanks for your comment Janice. CBD is used with different doses according to weight and what you would be using it for. Generally speaking, it is all the same. Some products are specially measure out for different things and may have other ingredients. I am not sure where to find CBD in Canada. Someone else who has experience there may respond with some help.

    • I’m wondering about this too! My cat is two and got stomatitis early but he’s always eaten pretty well and is begging for food. When it’s dinner time. He is however slow sometimes at eating and he makes a mess. I haven’t lost hope that we can figure out something to avoid a full extraction since he hasn’t completely lost his appetite-

      • Did you ever get an answer? I have 2 cats with stomatitis. One of them is very obese from taking steroids and now is having litterbox issues!

  3. My cat has failing kidneys and has also lost his appetite. I am having to force a pill down his throat everyday to stimulate his appetite and sometimes it takes me 4-5 times before I can get it down. He hates me. The pill works but I hate having to do this to him. Those of you who have used the CBD oil, does it seem to stimulate the appetite as well? I see so many brands of this on the market now that I’m looking, could anyone recommend a brand they are using where you don’t have to use so much of it and it doesn’t taste so bad? I saw one brand where you had to use a full dropper and many say the cats hate the taste. My cat is very, very, very finicky – won’t touch any wet food at all, if he smells or tastes ANY THING on his dry food he won’t touch it. His stomach is also VERY sensitive. Changing his diet at all gives him loose stools.
    I have to do something because if I do nothing, he absolutely does not eat. He was losing weight quickly and has gained some weight since starting on this pill and is holding – but I would love to find something else to stimulate his appetite rather than fighting with him to get this pill down him. But I cannot see getting a full dropper of oil into him either.

    • I recommend petwellbeing.com They have a kidney support product which is herbal and helping my cat. They have an online vet to chat with and I’ve tried a few for various cats. I’m very impressed. Don’t make the same mistake I did with the cbd oil. Even though I told them at the dispensary, it was for a cat, they gave me cbd oil with lavender. I gave it to him for a whole week before learning lavender essential oil is toxic to cats. Try sardines in a can with spring water, not oil. This may tempt him. Two of my cats favorite foods, and he’s finicky being sick is BFF turkey and tuna tickles and Fussy Cat tuna and salmon. He won’t eat anything else. There’s also a brand my holistic vet recommended that is air dried, so better than kibble, called Ziwi. He likes this too.

    • One thing that I would recommend is that you figure out exactly how much CBD you’re giving him. THEN, check out a place like CBDistillery. They list the amount of CBD per ml on each of their bottles. Typically, a single drop is .5ml.

      So if I buy their 2500mg bottle, it tells me there’s 83.33mg CBD per ml. So a drop would be 41.67 mg CBD per drop.

      Looking at a lower (more pet-friendly) strength, the pet tincture is 10mg CBD per ml, so a drop would be .5ml.

      If your cat is around 5 lbs, that would be an ideal dose for him. If that’s too small a dose, you can buy a stronger concentration of CBD, so that you need to give your cat a drop or two instead of a whole dropper. I personally have my cats on a higher dose (they each have a different dose). The suggested doses did absolutely nothing for my cats, so I went up until I hit a dose that seemed to work for them.

      If your cat likes people food, I bought dehydrated chicken on Amazon (human grade), and I put my cat’s CBD drops on that, and they eat it without a problem.

      If you go that route, double-check if there’s added salt in the dehydrated chicken.

      Good luck with your cat!

    • My cat has a serious gum condition. Was in pain and not eating. Also early stage kidney disease so surgery is not an option. I gave him one drop of low adult strength cbd and results were wonderful. I used charlottes web olive oil 9mg and will do so for the rest of his life.

    • Thanks for your comment Marion. I have no information for you on this but CBD is said to help with lowering cardiac dysfunctions, fibrosis, inflammation, and general oxidative stress. It is worth looking into and speaking about with your kitty’s Vet.

    • Marion, I’m curious if you ended up trying CBD oil for your cat with HCM? My cat also has HCM. He was prescribed atenolol, but was vomiting it up and also displayed shortness of breath. I was too uncomfortable with the side effects. I have been giving him CBD oil for a couple of months now instead of the medicine. He hasn’t had a check up yet with the cardiologist, but he is showing so many signs of better health. (I also switched him to an all raw diet about 4 months ago, which I know is also helping his health). He has put on some much needed weight, his fur looks so much better, he’s not vomiting at all, and his resting heart rate is well below what they told me is high risk for him. I’m wondering if you tried it with your cat and whether or not you have seen benefits. Every now and then I feel guilty not following my vet’s advice, but it just didn’t feel right to me.

      • Nancy? What grade was the murmur ? Mine was just diagnosed with a grade 3 and I am beside myself as all of the clinical evidence says there’s just no treatment for HCM in cats. I haven’t had an echo done yet because it’s $511.00 and I’m struggling like crazy to get the money to have it done, not there yet, not even close. How is the CBD doing for your cat?

  4. Can I give human strength CBD oil to my cat? There isn’t much time left and can only find small amounts contained in Hemp oil formulated for pets. Do you have regular cbd oil that I can dose according to weight? Please email me direct as I always have problems finding blogs again! Thank you

  5. My moms dogs are both old and are in serious amounts of pain.So we tried using marijuana products like this http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/grimace/) and CBD The one guys is so bad he will just sit there and shake most of the day and you tell they are both in a lot of pain, we recently started treating them with CBD and oh my god does it work, after one small dose my moms one dog stopped shaking for 3 days and both were in noticeably less pain for days after one dose of CBD compared to the prescription pain meds the vet gave them, we actually took them off those pain meds and have them running on pure CBD and the vets are amazed at how well it works so yes there is lots of research on the subject just like medical mj… the research is all there my friend all you have to do is a little research and you will find i

    • Craig this is wonderful you tried the CBD for pain. It does work. But please do not let your dogs eat cannabis ‼️

      It can kill them‼️??

  6. Hey, I’m in the UK and cbd oil is only legally available in one store in this country.. Holland and Barrett.. It’s a 10ml bottle at 2.75mg cbd.. From what I have been able to research that seems like a very small amount. I plan to buy a bottle as my cat has an inoperable tumour close to his spine. It’s an open wound so I’m not sure if I should use this oil topically or orally or both? I also saw a video on YouTube with another kitty owner doing the same and they used kief (pollen) crystals on the open wound. I have sprinkled some of my kief into my cats wound on his back tonight for the first time so I am interested to see how that goes. Any advise would be greatly appreciated as it’s difficult for us brits to get the ‘real stuff’..
    Thank you in advance for any replies ✌?

    • Thanks for your comment Laulzy. Are there any homeopathic Vets you can visit in your area to discuss this with? I cannot recommend a dosage myself but one of the others who follow the article with experience may be able to make a recommendation on that for you. I do not think you should apply it topically unless it is a closed wound. You can also look into sulfur (MSM) as a supplement option for your cat.

      • Hey, I have only just seen these replies as they went onto my junk mail. Firstly, thanks for replying. I have been using the oil now topically (and orally as he loves the stuff!) and it does seem to be getting better. I think I may have been hoping for it to be more of a miracle cure than it is, but it is early days still and I am impatient!
        But I have been applying 2-4 drops once or twice a day, the kief powder on top 3-4 days a week and it’s cleaned with hibiscrub every other day (as I don’t want to keep the wound wet)..
        But all in all I think it is having some positive affects with him, he seems happy, he’s eyes look brighter and his fur seems softer (it could be wishful thinking swaying me a bit too!)
        I shall post again at some point for anyone who’s interested how it goes. Who knows it maybe the miracle my boy needs and many others may need!

      • I am very happy it is working for your kitty. The natural approach to healing more often than not takes time because you are “healing” not just covering up a symptom. Thank you for updating us and everyone else.

    • Laulzy, There is a cbd oil sold by CannaPet which claims it is available for U.S. and U.K. customers. You might google it.

  7. I can’t think of one single thing CBD oil is not good / great for. Great for us humans too ??

    Even rubbing it into a small place is GREAT‼️
    Like a cat scratch on them or yourself?

    Please don’t spray it into their mouths ?

    • Why is it not a good idea to put it directly in their mouth? I did it this morning because she wouldn’t eat the treats, but I didn’t do it tonight after reading your comment. I don’t know how else to get her to take it…tonight I put some in my hands and rubbed it on her paws so she would get some when she groomed.. but of course… she isn’t grooming… UGGGHHHH!!!

  8. My cat does not want to take the oil on her food (it’s bacon flavored and I guess she’s picky) :(… I’m going to have to squirt it in her mouth, but I don’t want this to be a negative experience for her. She has not been diagnosed, but it’s very obvious she has hyperesthesia (rolling skin disease), and I want her to be able to get the health benefits from the oil.

  9. My sweet 4 year old kitty has been battling struvite crystals and FLUtD despite being on the special Hills diet and having taken meds. We also have Feliway diffusers but he remains a super-anxious cat who is prone to urinary problems. He still gets blood in his urine and is overly attached to me. He vet said he is prone to problems bc he is so anxious. I’m wondering if CBD oil could help him, where nothing else does. I hate seeing him having urinary tract issues and being so anxious all the time (unless he’s on me). What would you suggest? CBD oil? How much? How often? I love my cat dearly but cannot afford more of these unsuccessful vet visits that just end up stressing him out more.

    • Thanks for your comment Lety. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a dosage but someone else may be able to help with that here.

      CBD is said to help with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression in both humans and animals. It is an option you can look into. Get in touch with a holistic Vet who has knowledge on dosages for cats. It sounds like he has issues with separation anxiety which can be hard for both you and him, I understand that. I do not recommend keeping him on the Hills diet. There are much better options out there that are worth exploring. If you decide to try a different kind, be sure to do a gradual change, mixing the Hills with the new food.

    • @ Lety

      Your kitty could be clingy to you because of pain. My dog got those crystals in her urine several years ago. Vet put her of Hills. Personally I don’t think it helped.

      Gig was not fond of water. Why I don’t know. But I started soaking her food. Made this sweet dog drink water, even if she didn’t want to ?
      It also made her start peeing and peeing.

      Best part! I had to stop soaking her hills food and put her back on a grain free food.
      Bet your kitty would benefit from CBD also

      Good Luck and GOD bless
      Marylouise ?

    • My sweet boy Angel had struvite crystals when I rescued him. Nothing the Vets gave him was helping. I started giving him Tinkle Tonic by Animal Essentials (he refuses to have it on his food so for the last 9 years I give it to him in a syringe _small ones I get through the Vet )- every evening mixed with some added water in the syringe. He has never had another incidence of crystals since and pees normally every day. I hope this helps you too, as I know how frustrating it is not to be able to help our furry friends. I’m currently battling his skin itching and hot spots so am looking to find if CBD oil is the answer for his new problem.:) Look into Tinkle Tonic- I started with their recommended dosage mixed with water, after I felt comfortable (several months ) I backed it down since I give it to him daily: 1ml Tinkle Tonic with 1 ml of added filtered water. CBD oil may be good for Struvites also, but to date I am unfamiliar with it and looking into it. Good Luck 🙂

      • Oh my goodness! I’ve been using Tinkle Tonic but mixed with his bowl of water. I bet he’s just not had enough of it to make a difference. Thank you, Lynette. I’m going to try the dosage you use. He likes it in his water, so hopefully will be ok about a more concentrated dosage. Thank you!!! I got CBD oil for him and am hoping it will help with his anxiety. He doesn’t like it and won’t eat it in his food. I’ve taken to giving him his oil once in the am and once in the pm, by rubbing it gently into his gums (per the advice of a FB group I belong to now). I then give him about 1-2 TBSP of his wet food (Urinary health kind). He likes the wet food and so I’m trying to pair it with the meds (CBD oil), so he doesn’t run away from me when it’s time to take it. I hope the CBD oil helps with your poor kitty too. You should check for The FB group for pets and CBD oil. They are pretty helpful too. Keep me posted and good luck!

        Letitia A. Stanton-Aicher, MS, CCC-SLP

  10. My kittie was just diagnosed with Stomatitis and I have deceided to use CBD oil to help reduce the inflamation. Unfortunately she hates the tase of the oil after I attempted to hide it in her canned food. I fear if I use the dropper to her mouth she will hide from me every time I approach her. Any creative suggestions? I already give her a gum medication on her paw that she licks off.

    • Thanks for your comment Candace. Some cats are very picky when it comes to tastes and something like CBD will indeed put them off. You can try mixing it with a small amount of pure butter (no spreads) and seeing if she will lick that up. If she is not a fan of butter, put the drops in a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil and rub it on one of her front paws (on the top) and she should clean it off instinctually no matter how badly it tastes to her.

    • First may I ask what is a gum medicine??

      I put CBD on my cats paw with no problem. He doesn’t like it. He runs and hides when he knows the time is near. ?

      But we finally get it done.

      Been on CBD with added coconut oil thanks to Moderator ❣️, for a year now.

      Still coughing some but not projectile, like he was‼️

    • We put a little drop of CBD oil on our finicky cat’s favorite crunchy treat, let it soak in and dry over night, and give it to her the next morning. She loves it and is none the wiser.

      • Dan that’s a great idea. My cat, Buddy will not eat any kind of treats. That’s why I have to put it on one of his front paws.


      • If the she soaking and drying over night trick doesn’t work, I will give this a try, as well! I was forced to squirt it in her mouth and she wasn’t very happy. I don’t want her to see this as a negative thing… so hopefully I won’t have to do that again :/ …

      • Buddy doesn’t like it on his paw and lower leg. But he licks himself clean. Spraying in his mouth would drive him insane. Plus it could go down the wrong way ?

        I wouldn’t spray this in his mouth. My dog ? loves the taste ? ?

      • Darn cat. Well then she will have to miss a dose tonight if she doesn’t take the treats with fresh oil on them… will have to wait for it to soak in and dry overnight… praying she’ll eat the treats tomorrow.. I really need her to take the oil. And don’t worry it only has 0.3 THC like you mentioned 🙂

      • That is a great idea! I will have to try that! The oil we have is bacon flavored and she just turns her nose up to it… the dog, however, is a fan! LOL!

      • For some reason Dogs Love CBD.

        Anyone that does decide to use CBD on their animals, please , please don’t use any with high content of THC. Very bad for them. VERY!
        0.3 limit. Of THC. Please ?

  11. I bought some CBD oil for small pets at our local dispensary because our cat Cujoe was just neutered and declawed he seemed to be in a lot of pain and I didn’t feel comfortable giving him the pain meds that the vet gave us so we looked into some CBD oil I gave him some before we removed his bandages and he purred the whole time even though it looked like it was painful it made me cringe just to see the bandages be removed but he laid there and purred the whole time and is currently resting and his bed sound asleep still purring I gave him a little more then it said I should because I felt so bad about his paws bleeding but he seems like he’s on Cloud 9 somewhere and he still purring. ??? he’s happy I’m happy

  12. My soon to be 15 yr old cat was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his inner ear. Vet said prognosis is terminal. He is currently on a steriroid and pain med. He is not eating well and is disoriented. I’m looking for something to give him comfort. Do you think CBD oil would help? Thanks Melody

    • Thanks for your comment Melody. Further tests need to be done to see CBD’s effectiveness with certain cancers but I think it would help with his appetite. Find a Vet in your local area who knows about CBD and who has worked with it for cancer patients. Look for “Holistic Veterinarians”.

  13. My 12 year old cat has been losing weight over the past year. Within 11 months since her last check up, she lost 3 lbs. She went from 14-11 lbs. We did extensive bloodwork, all came back perfect. So we did full body x-ray, and she has spots on her lung, lung cancer. Aside from the weight loss, she has rapid breathing, but not labored. When asleep, her respiration is 26. She gets around fine, has no issues and loves to eat. Was wondering if CBD oil could help her? I don’t understand how it would help with a lung cancer, but wanted to ask. Was told if she stops wanting to eat or begins having trouble breathing, we’d do prednisone shots. That is the dreaded plan. So am wondering about the oil, if it can be of help to her, and how. Thank you. ☺

    • Thanks for your comment Tracy. This can be an option to help with inflammation but you want to boost her immune system as well. I find that a natural approach to helping the body heal the cancer is better than fighting the entire body to suppress it. Typically, CBD is used for cancer patients who lose their appetite but it has been shown to suppress the growth rate of certain cancers as well as kill it entirely. If your current Vet doesn’t know about treatment options using CBD, get in touch with one who does.

    • @Tracy
      Please try the CBD. It has cleared my cats lungs of pneumonia! He was very sick. High fever.

      I posted about Buddy. Please read my post.

      I get the pure CBD. Meaning it has no added oil.
      The dose for cats was not strong enough for Buddy.
      Also I put it on his paw. He hates it, but he does lick it off. And if your older cat want lick it off, try mixing it with a small amount of melted coconut oil or olive oil.

      My heartfelt blessings go out to you and your kittie.

      I do give him two doses a day. You will know if he starts feeling better.

      I did hope my vet knew best. ;(

      He told me Buddy would not recover. He’s doing great now. As long as I don’t forget or run out of CBD!

      I see I’m still a guest. Must set account up. ?

      • Marylouise, I just wanted you to know that a friend of mine has 2 bottles of CBD oil, as she bought it for her cat. She recently found he has stomach cancer. She has plenty, so is sending me a bottle for my Trudie, on Monday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a wonder drug. Trudie hasn’t started prednisone shots yet, as she hasn’t gotten any worse. I’m pretty excited!!

      • Tracy I’m so sorry she lost her friend.

        And very excited for you and your cat. How much is the dose in MGs and how much does your cat weigh.

        Also lay down a small bowl of coconut oil and walk away. Give her time to give it a good look smell. Get the unrefined!

        Please keep in touch God bless you and your kitty?

    • @ Tracy

      One thing I forgot. Do offer your cat coconut oil. It’s great!

      Now it has caused Buddy to lose a pound or two, but it’s some great stuff. Read all the comments in here about CO.

      No one really understands how and why CBD works.
      This I do know. GOD seeded the earth with this plant for a reason ‼️?

  14. My boy Osiris is 19.5 years old. He has neurological issues. He takes medication from the vet, but it does not relieve the periodic nerve zings he seems to be experiencing. It makes it hard for him to rest. I have a bottle of whole hemp extract CBD oil, 300mg. How much should I give him? The bottle has no dosage recommendations. Can you advise? He weights approximately 12 pounds. Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

    • Thanks for your comment stillsojourner. You will have to speak with your vet about this. There are separate oils/pills and dosages for pets. That oil is likely not safe and too potent for your kitty.

      • Thank you for your prompt advise. I was afraid you’d say that! 🙂 I’ll call them, but you know how it is, they’ll want me to bring him in for a $71 office visit and untoward stress on the boy. But that’s the way it is. Thanks again.

      • Yeah it is unfortunate. I know all too well what that is like. I hope you get some good advice and CBD is able to help your kitty.

      • I have been giving my cat, Buddy, CBD for about a year now. At first I thought he had a severe hairball. I treated him a few times for that with zero improvement. Then he got very sick!

        I took him to his veterinarian. Buddy had a high fever and a chest X-ray showed he had Pneumonia! The vet wanted to draw blood and send it to the CDD because he showed all the signs of a fungal infection. A few hundred dollars later the test were inconclusive!

        He put his on a fever reducing medicine. A anti fungal medicine and a drug that I cannot remember now, what it was for.

        After two refills I called and asked for a third round.

        After taking to the receptionist for a little Long few minutes , I changed my mind She ended up letting me know if he took anymore it would destroy his LIVER‼️

        So my search for my sweet Buddy’s life started.

        Right in front of me was my bottle of CBD. I use it for pain control. Well I did use it for pain control. Can’t afford for both of us to take CBD.

        Today Buddy is doing great. He still has this fungal infection. This I am having trouble getting rid of.

        And as far as the dose I give him. He has to take it two times a day.
        I started with a small dose and increased it until I found what it takes to keep his lungs clear.

        Now if I can get rid of this rather strange fungal infection we would both be happy ? campers❣️

      • Thanks for sharing Marylouise! I love hearing about natural medicines making a difference. For the fungal issue, consider feeding him virgin coconut oil daily. Some cats love the taste of it. This will help his digestion and kill off any harmful fungus that is in his system. This can be down to an issue with diet as well so make sure he isn’t eating too many grains. Wheatgrass is another thing that can help him out. It is usually sold as “cat grass” in pet stores. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is back to 100% soon!

      • I was giving Buddy the unrefined coconut oil. Golly, why did I stop?!
        He loves CO‼️
        Thank you so much for helping me remember this.

        Would you happen to know why it kills fungus??

      • Yes! Coconut oil has natural antimicrobial properties making it purrfect for balancing gut flora. When the digestive system is healthy, the bacteria in the digestive system stays where it should and also keeps candida and other yeasts from growing out of control.

      • Thank you for your speed in replying!

        I saw a picture of what appears to be a cat being gave CBD inside their nose. Was this a bad angle picture or my bad eyes?

        It takes at least two doses a day to control the excess fluid in his lungs. Plus keeping fever down. The 100 mg does not help him. It takes at least 400mg twice a day.

        I have not looked to see if you have a website. Going to do that now.

      • I have never heard of giving CBD to a cat through the nostrils. You would have to speak to a Vet on that one. I only know about the oral administration.

  15. Thanks for your comment Laura. CBD oil is not like a standard essential oil and as stated above, it is best to work with your vet. The way animals take it is through supplementation, usually via pill or treat. The reason essential oils are dangerous is because they are concentrated. Most are not safe for us to ingest either.

    • Correct, CBD is not an essential oil. I think Laura was referring to your recommendation of using LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL for flea control in cats. Lavender essential oil can be dangerous for cats, although it is generally completely safe for humans.

      • Thanks for your comment Jennifer P. Correct. That is why you never apply it to the skin, only to the fur between the shoulder blades after diluting it. They will not be able to reach it to ingest it and the skin will not absorb it directly, just the fur. As long as it is used correctly, it is safe and a much safer option than medicated flea treatments or collars.

      • I was just pointing out the confusing nature of the comment thread: 1- C.C. Guttry asks if CBD would help with fleas. 2-Purrfect Love doesn’t know if CBD will affect fleas but directs CC to bathe the cats with a shampoo made for humans which contains lavender essential oil. 3- Laura responds to the advice to put lavender essential oil on cats by pointing out that essential oils are toxic to cats (their metabolic pathways are different from those of humans, and things that are totally safe for us can be deadly to cats.) 4- Purrfect Love tells Laura that CBD is not an essential oil. *scratch head*

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