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My Mama cat had kittens  


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11/06/2020 1:28 pm  

My mama kitty (that’s her name) had 10 kittens day before yesterday and I am so worried she isn’t able to feed all of them. They all seem to be thriving and doing well but still concerned. Any advice is greatly appreciated !!
P.s. why is it showing the date 11-2020 when I posted this today 6-11-20?

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11/06/2020 1:46 pm  

Hey there. The easiest way to ensure the kittens are being well-fed is to weigh them daily. If any of them fall behind, you can help the mama out and supplement the kittens who are not gaining enough weight with KMR formula. I recommend using the powder over the liquid as you get more for your money. There are also bottles for kittens and small mammals available online or at most pet stores. I always recommend taking newborn kittens in for a checkup with a local vet just to be extra sure they are healthy and doing great. 

As for the date, it has to be changed. It is showing the day first, not the month. I'll let my administrator know.