DIY Cardboard Box Homes And Towers For Cats

Last Updated on April 12, 2020

Cats love boxes, that is a fact! When it comes to cat beds, houses, trees, and other furniture, you more than often will find your cat preferring to lay in a regular old box you got in the mail from Amazon. Why not get a little creative with that? I know I am a huge online shopper and every time a box comes in the mail, my two boys go nuts! Here are some fun and creative DIY cardboard box designs you can make for your cat!

Safety Precautions

  • If you need to use tape for your design, make sure it is flush with the cardboard so your cat cannot chew on it or digest it.
  • Glue guns are great for cardboard crafts but NEVER leave the fine strings hanging off, it’s an open invitation for your cat to eat it.
  • Make sure the size of the box is appropriate for your cat and all holes are easy get through.
  • Never leave sharp edges on the boxes.
  • Do not use plastic wrap under any circumstance. It can be digested and blow up in your cat’s belly.
  • Discard the house or fort once it has been damaged enough.

Remember To…

  • Get as creative as you want! Add toys and feathers to the boxes to encourage play time.
  • Add different styles of holes and peak slots for your cat to hunt through.
  • Stack cardboard sides for thick and scratchable platforms.
  • Make multiple levels BUT make sure it can hold the weight of at least 2 cats.
  • Use thicker boxes for long-lasting fun and multi-level designs.

With that out of the way, it’s time for some inspiration!

Our Favorite Cardboard Cat Houses

There are far too many for us to show all of them, so here are a handful of our favorite DIY cardboard box homes and towers!

The possibilities are endless and we’d love to see some other designs. If you’ve made a cardboard cat house, tell us in the comments and share a picture!

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