Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

Not many people are aware of just how important a cat’s whiskers are to their well-being. It turns out that whiskers not only help them balance, hunt, and play – BUT are receptors for behavior and mood as well. You have either asked this question out of curiosity, or because a kitty you know has had its whiskers cut, crimped, or damaged.

The short answer to the question is, yes – Cat whiskers will grow back.

Why Are Whiskers Important?

Whiskers play an important role in how a cat is a, well, CAT! If you are worried about a kitty who has had some or all whiskers cut or damaged, they will grow back but be aware that this is emotionally hard for them. Because whiskers are used as “feelers”, an important role of security has been compressed. They may become scared, skittish, nervous, or even depressed. You may also notice dizzy spells and nausea. One whisker can take up to 3 months to fully grow back.

Do Cat Whiskers Fall Out?

Yes. A cat’s whiskers shed and grow back, just like any other hair follicle. By the age of 10, the average feline would have had around 3 new sets. Other than general restoration, a cat can lose them from allergies, stress, and illness. If you notice excessive shedding in a matter of months, it is important to take them in for a checkup. An average rate of whisker shedding is 4 to 8 a year depending on a cat, and only 2 at a time will shed.

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Super interesting. I always wondered, because occasionally my cat sheds one or two, just here and there. Growing up I had a cat that was abused as a kitten, her whiskers were pulled and they barely grew back, so I didn’t have a good reference for my current cat on this matter. Thanks ?


Great info!