Do Cats Burp?

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

This is a widely debated topic both online and in the medical world. It would seem that while dogs burp quite often, cats seldom do, if at all. If you are wondering if a cat burps or is even capable of burping, science will give you the answer.

What Causes Burping?

To better understand if a cat can burp or not, we have to see why we burp in the first place. The most common reason is that we breathe through our mouth in general, while eating, or when talking. Some people do a mix of breathing through the nose and the mouth. People who talk more or breathe through the mouth more take in more gasses such as oxygen and nitrogen. This directly affects the stomach when too much is taken in. It will either be expelled back through the mouth or it will carry down through the intestines. Other causes of burping include drinking fizzy drinks, bacteria, and certain food sensitivities. 

Excessive Gas

If you notice your cat expelling gas or what sounds like burping frequently, they should be taken in to rule out any possible medical issues.

Do Cats Burp?

This is what pretty much reassured me that cats don’t burp: They very rarely breathe through their mouths. This only happens when they are yawning, very stressed, or very warm. They will also use their mouth to taste what they are smelling but they aren’t actually breathing when they do this. If gasses do come up through the mouth, we are likely to never hear it, which means they do not burp. Burping is considered the noise of the gas being expelled through the mouth. On the other hand, cats can make noises that sound like burps but it is usually due to hairballs being stuck, food allergies and sensitivities, puking, eating too fast or a heart issue. The sound can also be due to hiccups.

In short: No, cats do not burp.

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