Polydactyl cats, anatomy, burping, scent glands, and more! Learn about what cats do, and what they shouldn’t.

Cat flu 0

Can My Cat Catch My Cold?

During cold season, you may be wondering if you have to worry about your feline friend in the event you come down with a cold. The good news here is...

Cat in Cardboard Box 1

Why Cats Love Boxes

Cats love confined spaces, and cardboard boxes are perfect for this. It doesn’t matter what size it is, cats just can’t get enough of their cardboard homes! It’s like Christmas...

Cat Purr 1

What is a Purr?

When it comes to sounds a cat makes, the purr is one of the most well known and loved. But why do cats purr? And what exactly is a cat...

Cats vs Dogs 2

Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

There have been different psychological tests and studies done over the years on the relationships humans have with their animal companions. What they have found is that people generally have...

Cat walking 0

Cat Trails Are Unique

Most people don’t really notice something special about cats. This is for cats in the wild as well as house cats. When they leave their paw markings behind in snow,...

Cat scent glands 0

Scent Glands On Cats

Cats have 9 main scent gland locations throughout their bodies that are responsible for leaving their own unique scent behind! If you ever wondered why your kitty loves rubbing everything,...

Kitten and woman 0

Cats Reduce Stress

So much stress fills the world these days. Even children are now becoming overstressed from day-to-day life and that is just no good! In a world filled with a medication...

Tabby cat 0

Do Cats Burp?

This is a widely debated topic both online and in the medical world. It would seem that while dogs burp quiet often, cats seldom do, if at all. If you...

Cigarette smoke 1

There Is More to Fear Than Cigarette Smoke

Nothing makes me more mad than when people use children or animals as a marketing scheme. Putting it a bit harsh? Maybe. The whole “Truth” campaign and their anti-smoking mission...


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