Entertainment for Cats

Last Updated on April 14, 2020

When you consider the average indoor cat, you will notice much of their time is spent lying around. What if that is out of boredom? Cats are playful animals who require stimulation to be happy. Cat toys are a great start, but there is more you can do. Here’s how to entertain your cat for each of the 5 senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.


A great way to make sure your cat has plenty to see and watch is to allow access to your windows. You can do this in a few different ways.

One option would be to get a window perch, this will allow your cat to not only have a clear view outside but to also bathe in some sunshine.

Another great option is to put a tall cat tree by a large window. This is a great choice for multi-cat homes as it allows for different sitting levels, something that cats love!


Not many people consider this to be something that stimulates your cat, but it does! A simple, relaxing sound of chimes, purrs, birds chirping, and faint breathing enriches a cats life. Consider how music has played a role in your life, your cat can enjoy it just as much! There are several options you have out there. The easiest way is to play sounds of nature through your speakers or on your TV.

If, however, you want to take your cats music to the next level, I recommend checking out Music for Cats by David Teie. He not only knows music in and out but backs his songs for cats with science!


Having a variety of textures to play on is good for the toes! Much like us humans, cats love things that are soft and plush. Having some options such as plush blankets or cat beds in your home will bring your cat lots of enjoyment.

You’ll want to make sure they have tough surfaces as well, areas they can scratch and claw! You can use boards, trees, or even make something yourself with materials you know your cat enjoys. Some cats prefer carpet whilst others like rope, wood, or cardboard.

Cardboard scratchers are an easy, compact, and affordable way of ensuring your kitty keeps their nails trim. Look for options made to last.


Food is something you know your cat can’t seem to get enough of. Wet food, dry food, treats, chewies, these are all good options but you can’t forget the greens! Cats LOVE to eat grass and it actually aids in their digestive process. Incorporating grass into your cat’s diet will improve memory, mobility, and energy. Check out our post on wheatgrass to learn more about this super green food! Read more: Wheatgrass Benefits for Cats


The smells in a lively house are usually enough to keep a cat happy but having fresh air is a must! When it’s possible, having the windows open is a great way to bring the smells of the outdoors in. We may not be able to smell as much as our cats do but they will greatly appreciate the fresh air. If you have a cat who has issues with anxiety or jumpiness, you can also incorporate essential oils into your home. One of my favorite scents to use is lavender as it is very relaxing for me as well as my cats. You will want to use an electric diffuser for all oils and keep it out of reach of your cat. It is best to only use these in large, open areas or where windows can be open so the oil scent isn’t super concentrated in one room.

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