When it comes to cats, the internet is loaded with them! While some cats become a one-hit wonder or meme from one video on YouTube or a picture on Instagram, other felines become famous and stay famous. These 6 cats have gained quite a large following online and here’s why!

Venus & Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Both felines are well known for their adorably different markings. 

Venus is a “Chimera Cat” which means her genes and the genes of another kitten embryo were merged together, then split right down the middle. Technically speaking, she is two cats in one! Check out Venus’ Facebook Page for more information and pictures of her beautiful markings.

Hamilton is simply a floofy cat with a fantastic mustache! The mustache trend that started in 2012 pushed Hamilton’s fame fast. While his owner raked in a lot of money from his posh kitty friend’s fame, he donated it all to charity. You can check out pictures of Hamilton on his Instagram, @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

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Grumpy Cat & Lil Bub

Both felines have feline dwarfism and are the internet’s favorite shorties.

Grumpy Cat (real name Tartar Sauce) has become one of the largest and longest-running cat memes in internet history. Her under-bite caused by her feline dwarfism has given her a permanently grumpy look on her face and the internet loves it! Read more about Grumpy Cat here.

Lil Bub is similar in that she too has feline dwarfism but her look is a bit different. She is very small in size (just under 4 pounds) and this is down to being a “perma-kitten”. Her lower jaw is greatly undersized and she never grew teeth which gives her that unique look. Read more about Lil Bub here.

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Snoopy the Cat & Maru

Both felines are known for their accessories be it silly costumes or boxes.

Snoopy is a feline with a craving for accessories. While he likely doesn’t care either way, his owner takes advantage of his passive nature and dresses him like a doll. Check out Snoopy’s Instagram, @snoopybabe for fantastic pictures!

Maru is best known for fitting into boxes of all sizes. He holds the Guinness World Record for Youtube video views of an individual animal. You can see more of Maru on his YouTube channel here.

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Do you know of any other very famous felines online? Share them in the comments!