Internet Names for Cats

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

The internet is a wonderful place if you are a cat. Humans (also known as “hoomans”) adore cats for bringing them laughter, awws, and a pleasant distraction from life when it gets too rough. When it comes to cat terms online, some hoomans are still learning them. Here is a simple guide to help any noob out!

Catto or Cate

A “Catto” is a basic term for an adult cat. This applies to both genders (male and female). Any house cat that is over 1 year in age is considered a Catto. Another term some use is “Cate” which again, means the same thing as Catto.

Kitter or Kitteh

A “Kitter” or a “Kitteh” is a young cat, mostly used when a cat is still in their kitten stage. Kitter is not to be confused with “Kitler” which is a cat that is black and white in color sporting a black mustache under the nose. This resembles a bad man we learned about in history class.

Wild Kitteh

A “Wild Kitteh” is referring to a non-domesticated wild cub such as a cheetah cub. These kittehs are very cute but grow very large. You would not want to have a “King Catto” sitting on your lap!

King Catto

A “King Catto” (or “King Cate”) is an adult wild cat who is very large in size. This can be a tiger, a lion, a panther, or any other kind of wild feline that is at least 20 times the weight of a normal Catto.

Big Ol’ Catto

A “Big Ol’ Catto” is like a normal Catto but larger in size. Specific breeds like the Ron Purrlman (Maine Coon) are considered Big Ol’ Cattos because they are larger than the standard Catto.

Fatto Catto

A “Fatto Catto” is a regular Catto who is just really fat! These Cattos are not like Big Ol’ Cattos because they are smaller in size and just weigh more. They make excellent bed warmers. Can also can be referred to as “Chonks”.

Catto Breeds

Some popular Catto breeds include:

  • Purrsian
  • Siameowser
  • Black Catto
  • Nekid Catto
  • Cheeto

Cattos enjoy hunting birbs, chasing cheese boyes, and watching blub blub doggos. When a Catto hits the nip too hard, it may just become a “Derp”. Cattos are just like regular cats, but on the internet!

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