Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much?

Sleep is something that cats do, and they do it well! Many people underestimate just how much a cat can sleep. If you are wondering if your cat sleeps too much, this post should help put some worries you have at ease.


Kittens are known for falling asleep just about anywhere, right after doing anything. They have fallen asleep in their bowls after eating, on top of toys after playing, and some have even fallen asleep in their litter box!


A normal range of hours per day for a kitten can be as little as 16 or as much as 20. Yes, they can literally sleep the day away! Kittens tend to have longer sleeps in between doing things and as they get older, they typically need less sleep.

sleeping kitten
Kittens need more sleep than adults

Adult Cats

Sleeping for adult cats can vary depending on the exact age, size, weight, and even breed. The most typical answer for adults is 12 to 16 hours a day. Now you may be thinking your cat sleeps way more than this. What it seems like and what it actually is are two different things! Your cat may seem to be sleeping a lot, but you have to consider the amounts of time he or she is lounging. Cats enjoy laying around and just because they are, this does not mean they are sleeping. I have seen many cats who will lay with their heads up and eyes closed for awhile, but they aren’t actually sleeping. I could be far off with this, but I’d like to think that cats do some form of meditation and reflection when they have their eyes closed but aren’t sleeping – Or maybe they are just daydreamers.

Elderly Cats

Humans need more sleep the older they get, cats are the same! Don’t be shocked if you find your older cat spending more time laying around as the years go on. This does not mean they are sick or ill. Elderly cats will often sleep longer as well. 

While most cats will sleep 2 to 3 hours at a time, older cats may sleep up to 6 hours at once! Much like kittens, elderly cats typically sleep around 18 hours a day.

senior cat sleeping
Senior cats sleep longer periods

Things That Can Affect Sleep

Boredom – Cats that are bored may sleep more, in some cases this can lead to depression.

Depression – Emotional distress and sadness can cause a cat to want to eat less and sleep more.

Illness – Cats with medical issues can become tired more easily. Speak to your vet about concerns.

Aging – Older cats typically need more sleep, just like kittens.

Arthritis/Pains – Cats that have arthritis or general pains can become over-exhausted easily.

Obesity – Overweight or obese cats have are at increased risk of sleep apnea which can interrupt deep sleep.

Allergies – Cats with allergies can become drowsy and sleepy just like humans.

Low Vitamin D3 Levels – Vitamin D3 and sunshine in general help balance and regulate proper sleep cycles in all mammals.

Heavy Diet – A diet high in grains will eventually lead to sluggish energy and general energy burn out.

Flu/Cold – Colds, flues, viruses, and any kind of upper respiratory infection will make a cat at any age very sleepy.

If you feel your cat is sleeping more than usual, address the list above and rule out anything you can. What can’t be ruled out can be looked over by a Vet. It is normal for cats to sleep a lot more than dogs and yes, a lot more than us humans! Consider your cat’s ancestor the tiger for an example and to better understand how the house cat would be in the wild.

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I have a cat who requires very little sleep!! She is always a hunter (we adopted her as a feral stray). She was NOT sleeping very much, when we brought her home. She was always on guard and everything was hers. Slowly, she let us pet her and then finally, she is in bed with us. She sleeps a few hours and back out hunting again. This has been a process over the past 5 years, so it is NOT a 100% “fix your feral in quick time” frame. She still has issues and we work with and around her!!… Read more »


I cannot say that I have ever worried that my cat is sleeping too much. I guess I’ve always found it cute that cats are so lazy. I wish that I could be a cat so that I could sleep the day away as well!