No matter the holiday, fireworks are a fun and festive way to celebrate. For those cats out there who are deathly afraid of fireworks, it is a nightmare waiting to ensue. Depending on your cat’s way of tolerating loud noises, you may have to prepare your home before nightfall. If you plan on being out of the house or away from home, it is all the more important! Here are 6 simple things you can do to ease your cat’s fears of fireworks. The same can be used during thunderstorms as well.

Keep Windows & Doors Closed

This is very important no matter how nice it is outside. Windows and doors allow noise to echo throughout the house if they are open. Fireworks already have a loud bang as it is, keep them all closed. If you do not have AC and you are worried about it becoming too hot, close them right before the fireworks are going off and use fans to circulate the air. Basements are a great place to sit with your kitty if the house gets too warm.

Use Lavender Scented Room Sprays & Cleaners

Using lavender is a great way to relax most mammals. They make scented window and wood sprays as well as floor powders and air fresheners that have lavender oil in them. Using products with lavender will not only make kitty calmer but encourage sleep. Do not spray or use these items when your cat is near. 

Feed Them Their Favorite Meal & Treats

This can be done all day if you wish but do not feed them right before the fireworks go off! This can lead to choking on food or vomiting. Make sure water dishes and food bowls are put up during the loudest parts of the fireworks. A lot of people recommend feeding them treats during the worst part of the fireworks but I am against that. It will be very easy for your cat to choke which will further escalate their fear levels.

Allow Them to Be in the Quietest Room in the Home

If you are going to be out, then it is a good idea to keep them in the quietest area of the home. This may be the basement but if they aren’t comfortable down there or you do not have one, bedrooms are a great choice. You can block the windows and they will have a safe place to hide: Under the bed. If you will be home, make sure you are in the same room as them. If they start scattering do not panic and simply allow them to run around. Do not try to pick them up or hold them still. This can make them more nervous. 

Play Calming Music or Sounds

Playing something soothing is a great way to distract and block some of the harsh bangs and booms that fireworks create. You can use music that has bird sounds or running water to further distract your cat. Never play is super loud, just loud enough to offer a distraction. If you don’t want to leave music going, you can have your TV turned on. If you want to be slightly ironic, play “Fireworks” by Katy Perry, although with my experience, cats tend to not be a fan of her music.

Avoid Catnip

For the love of God! DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO HAVE CATNIP BEFORE FIREWORKS! Trust me on this one. Most cats experience some form of paranoia during a high on the nip and having fireworks going off during or after this can make things worse.

Is your cat afraid of fireworks or thunder? How do you help them cope? Share in the comments!


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