Garfield is one of the most popular cats when it comes to cartoons and comics. While he appears more human than cat-like, you may be surprised to discover that there are cats who do enjoy television. Cats were once considered to be unable to see what is on the TV clearly. With better pictures and HD qualities, this theory has changed. You will find that indoor cats with little to no access to windows will be more drawn to the TV. Through a study on shelter cats who were exposed to TV, quite a few were taken by the screen. They were shown birds, mice, fish, and other small prey animals on the TV. This led people to believe that watching TV may be beneficial for cats who do not have enough access to the outside.

Why Does My Cat Like TV?

If you have a cat that seems to enjoy TV, you may be wondering why. There are several different reasons why. Some cats with a more hunter-like personality may enjoy the quick movements and light changes. Cats who don’t get regular exercise and play may be more drawn to TVs as well. Some believe cats to be more deeper thinkers than other animals as well, so when a cat is bored, TV may appeal to them.

Is TV Watching Dangerous For My Cat?

The short answer is no. Your cat can sit inches from the screen and it will not bother his/her eyes. However, if your cat gets too excited, jumping at a TV screen can be very dangerous. If your cat appears to want to attack the TV anytime he/she watches it, never let them watch it unsupervised. Always interact with them as they watch it so frustration doesn’t set in. When a cat can’t catch its prey, it can be very discouraging. Simply tossing a toy by them while they watch is enough.

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