Maca Root for Cats

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

We have learned over the years that cats can benefit from some of the same superfoods we can. Maca root is no exception! This powerful vegetable can do wonders for your cat’s overall health and well being. Below we will explore what maca root is, what it is made up of, and the health benefits your cat can receive from adding this superfood to their diet.

What Is Maca Root?

If you are unfamiliar with this amazing vegetable, you may be wondering what exactly it is. Maca is a plant that has been grown in the Peruvian Andes for centuries. In altitudes of up to 11,000 feet on the Andes Mountains is where this cruciferous vegetable grows making it the highest crop yielding food in the entire world. The extreme conditions of the mountains are where this plant thrives, often being exposed to extreme freezing temperatures, high winds, and direct intense sunlight. What is beneath the plant is where the benefits lie. The root of the maca is about the size of a standard radish and is said to give whoever eats it (person or animal) higher endurance, more energy, increased fertility, and more.

What Is in Maca Root?

Maca root in its dried form contains a lot of nutrition. On average, one ounce of the dried maca powder contains up to 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 19 essential amino acids, 20 fatty acids, minerals magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and D.

Benefits of Maca Root For Humans

Maca root is also an adaptogen meaning the nutrition of the plant will work in favor of harmonizing the body and works differently, depending on the individual body’s needs. Loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, this powerful root vegetable in its dried form delivers a superior dose of balanced nutrition. Some of the benefits of digesting dried maca root include:

  • Boosted fertility for males and females
  • Increased energy and improved sleep
  • Fights off the physical and mental effects of stress
  • Helps with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression
  • Safely lowers blood pressure
  • Improved immune system function
  • Balances out most hormonal related issues
  • Promotes strong bones and teeth
  • Keeps memory sharp and improves concentration

Benefits of Maca Root For Cats

Maca root will work with your cat’s body the same way it would work with yours. It can repair and restore the body by targeting imbalances through natural nutrition to help bring things back to functioning balance. One of the key factors in this is that maca root will reduce metabolic stress. This means it will help repair and restore key functions of your cat’s digestion, which will lead to an overall improved immune system, healthy nutrition absorption rate, and aid in general organ function. More studies need to be done to confirm all the benefits but they seem to be promising for cats, dogs, and horses alike. In the coming years, expect to see more top brands offering their own special blend of maca powders just for pets! Adding dried maca root to your cat’s daily diet can:

  • Improve teeth, bone, and joint health
  • Reduce joint pain for older cats
  • Reduce both food and airborne allergies
  • Improve skin and coat quality
  • Help manage stress and behavioral problems
  • Support the hypothalamus and pituitary glands for balanced hormones
  • Keep brain and memory function optimal (reduces cognitive decline)

Dosing and Caution

Because cats have different physiology and digestive system to us, never give your cat maca supplements or powder intended for human use only unless under the strict guidelines of your veterinarian. The doses are typically way too high and hard to manage. You will want to find a brand that has the proper doses labeled for your cat. Natura Petz Organics carries an organic meal topper suitable for both dogs and cats. Another option is Greenpet’s maca powder for cats, dogs, and horses. If you are having trouble finding the right supplement or dose for your cat, get in touch with a local holistic veterinarian who can work with you and your cat in finding the right maca supplement for their individual needs.

Always Ask Your Vet First

Never administer any kind of supplement or nutritional powder without first speaking with a veterinarian. Even natural supplements can have risk factors you need to consider depending on your cat’s age, medical conditions, or medications.

Have you given maca root to your cat before? Tell us about its effects in the comments below!

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