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    Can Cats Be Vegan or Vegetarian?

    An interesting topic has come up a lot more in recent years that involves drastically changing the diet of a feline. Some claim that cats...

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    Why Do Cats Have Arm Whiskers?

    If you have a cat that sports a darker coat, you may have noticed something a bit strange on their legs. Cats have whiskers about...

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    Cat Spraying vs Urinating

    A common complaint for cat owners is spraying or “marking” areas around the house. This is often confused with bad litter box behavior or a...

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    Will a Cat Jump Out an Open Window?

    If you are a fan of having fresh air in your home, you are likely to have your windows open most warmer days of the...

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    Chagas Disease And Your Cat

    The Triatomine insect also known as the “kissing bug” or “assassin bug” have a bad rap with us humans. The feces of this particular pest...

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    Should Cats Wear Collars?

    When you consider adopting a dog or puppy, one of the first things you typically buy is a collar. This goes hand in hand with...

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