Munchkin Cats

So what are “Munchkin Cats”? I am not talking about the strange things from the Wizard of Oz. No. I am referring to what is becoming a very recognizable cat breed. They come in all lengths of hair, all shades of color, BUT what sets them apart is their little bitty legs!

What Makes Munchkins so Cute?

This is the result of a genetic mutation where the legs simply do not fully form prior to birth. Since the 1940’s these felines have been documented and many veterinarians have found little to no bad health effects to their lives from this mutation. However, in 1995, The International Cat Association voiced their opinions and concerns over people breeding them with intention. They believed these cats to suffer from spinal issues with age similar to that of the short-legged dog breeds but studies have found this not to be an issue in these cats. Breeding of this particular breed is not meant to be done by just anyone. Only professional breeders should attempt to breed these felines otherwise horrible health issues can arise and even death. If you are considering adopting a munchkin, ONLY deal with reputable breeders in your area.

munchkin kitten

Below is a short video from the Animal Planet show “Cats 101” showing Munchkins being cute! As with any animal, make sure you are 100% certain before you adopt a cat or a kitten.

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I love these little kitties 😀


Adorable kitties. 🙂