So you have a cat that blows chunks on a regular basis. People all around said it’s normal or part of ridding hairballs. If your cat is puking with in 30 minutes of just finishing his/her meal, I’ve got some bad news for you. The most common cause of puking in cats is NOT hairballs, but rather poor diets! Puking in any mammal is not normal. When you have a cat that is puking excessively, the first thing you want to check is your cat’s diet.

A common misconception when it comes to cats is that milk is OK to feed them. This is not true as most cats are mildly to severely lactose intolerant. This goes for cheeses, creams, butter, yogurt, and most other dairy products. A sign that your cat is lactose intolerant is poor digestion, puking after meals, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and they easily gain weight. If you feed your cat dairy products regularly, stop for a few weeks and see if the puking lessens.

The most common food allergy a cat has, is a corn allergy. Similar to the symptoms of a cat being lactose intolerant, this particular food can cause BAD health illnesses in your cat. Puking, poor digestion, and weight gain are the most common symptoms of this allergy. The problem with your cat eating corn is that if he/she is allergic, it can lead to diabetes. They will also be more prone to pancreatitis, ulcers, colon cancers, UTI issues, and it will shorten the life of your cat. You will want to switch their food to a grain-free brand. It must be free of corn, wheat, rice, and so on. They can hide corn in grains without you knowing it. Please see my other post “All Cat Food Is Not Created Equal” for brands and other information when buying grain-free food.

Another issue that can cause puking is lack of liquids. A cat gets most of its liquids from his/her diet alone, drinking loads of water is not common with cats. If you are feeding your cat only dry food, I urge you to switch to moist/wet canned food or at least do a 50/50 diet of both. Simply not getting enough water in your cat’s daily diet can cause HUGE health issues inside them. Also, to encourage your cat to want to drink more water, purchase a pet safe water fountain. Moving water is far more appealing to cats than water sitting in a bowl. Always keep the water fresh as well.

As for a speed eater, a cat who does eat fast is more prone to puking. To prevent this, feed your cat smaller quantities more frequently, and allow them to eat ALONE. What do I mean by alone? Away from other cats, animals, and yes, even humans. Some cats have issues with territory over food. This leads to excessive eating and eating too fast. Not all cats who are territorial over food attack, they just simply try to pile it all in as quick as possible. This doesn’t allow them to properly digest it, which leads to bloating, gas, and puking.

You also want to make sure your cat is on a schedule. Let him/her eat everyday at the same time, whether you do 2 feedings a day, or 4 to 6 small meals a day. Always, always, ALWAYS keep their food schedule stable. When they learn the hours in which they will be fed, they will anticipate the meal. This will release digestive enzymes into the gut which will aid in breaking down the food.

And as always, NEVER punish a cat for doing something they have no control over. Punishing a cat for puking is like punishing an infant for crying. It doesn’t make sense now, does it?


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