Outdoor Cat Enclosure Options

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

When summer is right around the corner, your cat may be itching to get outside. I would never recommend allowing your cat outdoors unsupervised because of obvious dangers but there are ways around this. Some opt to leash train their cats and take them for walks, others provide a completely enclosed area outdoors for them to enjoy.

Enclosed porches and sunrooms are great for allowing your cat to get as much fresh air and sun as they desire but not every home has one and they can be a very expensive addition to add on to your home. Building an enclosed area yourself is much cheaper but it is time-consuming and if you are not very good with power tools, chain-link fencing, or wood… This can prove to be very difficult to do. If you are not into DIY projects or generally want to keep this as simple as possible, pre-made enclosures are the way to go!

What Options Are There?

Depending on your home, your preference and where you want the enclosure you be, you have a number of options. You want to consider a few different things such as your cat’s personality, how many cats will be occupying the space, where the access point will be for your cat, and whether or not you want to be secured to your home.

Dog Kennels

Some will opt for an enclosed dog kennel that has a top. These are almost always wood free designs and constructed in a way to be sturdy enough for even a large breed dog. They make great options for cats as they are spacious and can house multiple cats with trees, perches, and climbing ramps for your feline(s) to enjoy. They also allow you to design the interior of the enclosure any way you wish to. If you plan on attaching this to your home with an entry point, most kennels will need to have a small door cut out.

Rabbit/Chicken Coop

If you have only one or two cats that are smaller in size, this is a fantastic and relatively cheap option that works great as an outdoor enclosure for cats. You may have to alter the design a bit to ensure your cat can’t escape. The enclosed boxes can be pretty toasty in the summer so it is ideal that it be placed somewhere that gets some shade. The downside is that most of these enclosures can’t be fixed to a house for easy access. You will need to carry your cat to the enclosure and place them in it.

Wooden Cat Enclosures

This is the best no-fuss option for cats as they were specifically designed for them. There are several different designs out on the market now, most of which are attractive and designed with shelving built-in. They are typically stand-alone enclosures similar to dog kennels. If you want to have an access point through a window in your home to the enclosure, they can easily be altered to accommodate this.

There are other options, too. Have a look at our article: Catios & Cat Enclosures for more ideas!

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