Pawscoo Cat Tree Review

Cats crave heights and in an ideal environment, they are provided with ample climbing space for exercise and play. Introducing a cat tree to your kitten at a young age will help them unleash their inner wild side without worrying about them damaging your furniture or getting into places they shouldn’t be. There is a wide variety of cat trees online to choose from but not all of them provide lasting quality or key features a kitty will enjoy. Today we will be taking a look at Pawscoo’s 51-inch Kitten Tree Tower to see if it is indeed kitten approved. There will be a 25% off coupon code for the tree at the end of the review so keep reading!

Specifications and Key Features

The kitten tree is made using sturdy particle board with an allergy safe super plush covering and sisal rope detailing on specific poles. The overall size is surprisingly compact standing 51 inches tall and 20 inches in width and length. Just over 30 pounds in weight, this tree will be able to provide a playing area for a maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds in total. It is recommended for kittens and small cats only, larger cats will not be able to fit in the provided condos or properly rest on the platforms.




  • Provides kittens and small cats ample space to climb and play

  • Safety features include the heavy evenly shaped base and wall attachment strip to prevent tipping

  • Two condos provide a plush place to play, rest, and hide for added security kittens crave

  • Two replaceable dangling balls with bells that can be replaced easily with other toys

  • The compact design is great for small spaces, pet shops, play rooms, adoption centers, and more

  • Easy to ensemble with everything you need included in the box

  • Available in 4 color options: gray, beige, brown, and blue

First Impressions

The kitten tree arrived in a compact box that wasn’t too heavy. Upon unpacking the tree, everything was neatly packed and no damages were found. There is a total of 28 pieces (not including the hardware) that will need to be assembled. Nothing was missing and no extra tools will be required.

Setting Up

If you intend on putting the kitten tree together yourself, expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Timing the process, it took me roughly an hour to get it all done by myself. It is ideal to set the tree up where you intend on keeping it as it can be a bit awkward to move once together. The instructions are easy to follow thanks to the numbered guide of each item. Be sure when you are setting it up to match the right number to the right piece. I noticed the stair piece needed the metal hinges to be bent slightly to properly fit into place so be sure to do this carefully before attaching it to the platform. Because of the smaller size, it took a bit of fiddling to get some of the pieces together but it was not too difficult.

Thoughts from the Cats

There are three male cats of various ages and sizes in this household. There is a 2 month old kitten, a 3 year old adult, and a 12 year old senior. The 3 year old weighs over 20 pounds. He did not want to go on the cat tree by himself. I placed him on one of the perches and he enjoyed sitting there for a little while but ultimately appeared uneasy about the size. He is a large cat so I did not expect him to use it. Next I tried my 12 year old senior. He weighs roughly 15 pounds and did not stay on it long at all, jumped right off and has not paid attention to it since. He has never been big on cat trees. Finally, the kitten tested the tree and he absolutely loves it. The bottom condo and lower level ball is what he plays with most as well as the scratching pole on the same level. He loves to stretch up the ramp, too. I expect he’ll get lots of play time from this tree!


We took lots of pictures of the tree being used, here are some of the best! (Note: first image is taken from

Where to Buy

You can purchase one of these kitten trees for yourself directly from – Click here to buy

Be sure to use the coupon code below to enjoy 25% off your purchase!

Closing Thoughts

We really like the Pawscoo Kitten Tree and believe most kittens will, too! It’s well made, feels so nice and soft, was quite easy to put together and is priced competitively. With that said, we can definitely recommend you buy one for your kittens or smaller cats! If your cats are over 10lbs, find something bigger.

A big thank you to Pawscoo for sending out the tree, it’ll get plenty of use!

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