The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

Cat furniture has come a long way over the last 20 years. It has not only been designed to appeal to cats but to also be appealing to us as well. There are hundreds of options when it comes to cat trees, towers, beds, hiding boxes, and scratchers. However, when it does come to scratchers, many of them are very unattractive, messy, and don’t last very long. The QuickSnap™ cat scratcher is changing the game for cats and cat lovers everywhere with their one of a kind design. Not only will this be a cat scratcher you love, but it will be the only one you’ll ever need!

What Makes the Quicksnap™ the Purrfect Choice?

What the QuickSnap™ does differently is all in the design. The modern look is brought together with beautiful wood craftsmanship to make it blend into any home decor. The arch of the design is very welcoming to cats because their nails naturally hook inward. This allows your cat to effortlessly file his or her nails without painful snagging. The best part of all, this design has completely replaceable snap-on pads! Depending on your cat’s own preference, you can choose between carpet, seagrass, or sisal. No messy and unattractive cardboard here! Did I mention the hammock?


  • Real wood frame
  • Replaceable scratch pads
  • Snap-on design
  • Scratchpad options (carpet, seagrass, sisal)
  • Hammock underneath
  • Looks great!

More Information & Purchase

The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher, as well as the replacement pads, can be purchased from Amazon. There are many great reviews already! Click here to buy on Amazon.

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