6 Tips for Rehoming A Cat

Last Updated on March 22, 2020

Rehoming is never a fun topic. Things in life happen, maybe you have to move, perhaps you don’t have the time or money to care for your cat any longer, you are too overwhelmed, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it’s far better to find a new home for your cat rather than give them over to a shelter. Not all shelters are bad but cats are not meant to live in cages, they aren’t happy there. With that being said, here are 6 tips to help ease you through the process of rehoming your cat!

1. Be Certain

If you haven’t properly considered all of your options, please do so. People are under the assumption that cats aren’t like dogs and can easily be rehomed because they don’t become attached. This is far from the truth. Every cat becomes attached to at least one human. They aren’t pack animals, but they do form relationships with us, often deep ones. Many cats that get rehomed go through feline depression that can last weeks, months, even years. This can lead to anything from hair pulling, to not eating. Please be 100% certain there is no other way before you do this.

2. Find Someone You Know

It will be easier for you, and your cat, if it is someone you know. A bonus would be if it is someone your cat knows. Finding a friend willing to take them in will not only lessen the stress on you but your cat as well. You will be able to still see them as they make their transition and they won’t feel so abandoned.

3. Consider the Age

The older your cat, the harder it will be for them to be away from you. If your cat is an elder, it’s not wise to part with them unless you are 100% certain the place they go to can give them the attention and love they need. Older cats who go through depression are a lot more likely to die from a broken heart. Just like we see in people who lose their husband or wife of many years, cats are no different. They have been your partner in life. Take their age into serious consideration before deciding.

4. Send Them With A Care Package

Be sure wherever you send your cat, you send them with all their favorite things, maybe even some new things. Include their favorite food, treats, a bed, all their toys, even a bag of the same brand of litter you have been using. This will make the change easier for them. Do not include something that will remind them of you like a shirt or a slipper they enjoyed sleeping on. Scent has the strongest response to memory in cats, if you can’t or won’t visit them after you say goodbye, it is a good idea to pull away completely.

5. Make A Do’s & Don’ts List

This is important if you are giving your cat to someone you don’t know. Make a list of everything you know your cat enjoys, and everything your cat doesn’t enjoy. This will make it easy not only for the cat but for the new owner as well. Include favorite foods, treats, and toys on the list. Also, try to keep the same vet if possible. This will make keeping track of medical records much easier.

6. Forgive Yourself

Things in life happen and if you are doing this for your cat, don’t feel so bad. You can’t beat yourself up over this with worrying or wondering. Just make a promise to yourself you will be 100% certain before adopting another cat or bringing home a new kitten so this doesn’t happen again.

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