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Kitty Kick Stix 1

Kitty Kick Stix!

If you are looking for the purrfect toy for your kitty, look no further! These amazing handmade creations will be your cat’s new favorite toy, guaranteed! What are they? Kitty...

Catit Grooming Kit 0

Catit Grooming Kit Review

The Catit Grooming Kit is an easy way to get all your cat’s grooming needs in one convenient container. You have the option of purchasing one for short or long...

Catit Flower Fountain 1

Catit Flower Fountain Review

The Catit Flower Fountain is a new design on an old favorite. Most cats prefer moving water which always made pet fountains a great option but they are typically too...

Cat tunnel 0

Cat Tunnels

Tubes, tunnels, paw-pattering noodles! Whatever you call them, most cats seem to really enjoy these! I have looked at many options and have found one for each kind of kitty...

Cat in cat tree 1

5 Toys Every Cat Needs

Cat toys are something that every cat lover spends loads on. While some cats will play with just about anything, other kitties are quite picky. The toys on this list...

Bionic Bird Drone 0

Cat-Friendly Drone

DRONES! They are becoming quite popular nowadays but why should us humans reap all the benefits? That’s right! There is a drone that is not only easy to use, affordable,...


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