Should Cats Wear Collars?

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

When you consider adopting a dog or puppy, one of the first things you typically buy is a collar. If the dog should run away, there is a way to identify them and contact the owner. This is not typically considered when adopting a cat or kitten. So, should cats wear collars too?

Collars Offer Reassurance

When you put a collar on a cat and they adjust to wearing them, it offers a level of protection and safety. You will be able to put a name tag on the collar to display the name of your cat, your number in case they get lost, as well as medical conditions or guidelines. You can also attach a small bell which helps you know where they are in the house to prevent accidentally stepping on them or tripping over them. In the unfortunate event that your cat goes missing, whoever finds them will be able to identify them and return them home to you.

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Collar Safety Concerns

A lot of cat owners choose not to use collars as they fear their cat can accidentally be choked on one. The way cats play is vastly different from dogs and there is a risk the collar can be caught on something leaving the cat trapped or worse. In my experience, this has never happened when the collar was properly fitted. There are also options for break-away collars on the market now so if something should happen, the collar will snap off with a little force. There is a concern however should they escape or become lost. If the collar comes off outside, there is no way to identify them.

The Microchip Option

One of the modern ways to track your cat and ensure they do not get lost is getting them microchipped. Each microchip has its own unique number to identify your cat and bring up standard information on them. You gain the perk of being able to freely travel with your cat outside of the country as well.

When a microchip scanner is passed over the skin of a microchipped pet, the implanted microchip emits an RF (radio frequency) signal. The scanner reads the microchip’s unique ID code. The microchip registry is called, and the registry company uses the ID number to retrieve the pet parent’s contact information from the pet recovery database. – PetFinder

Keep Kitty Safe!

Whether you decide to get your cat microchipped or have them wear a collar, we highly recommend doing either one over nothing at all. Cats go missing every day and the sad truth is that not many of them make it back home to their owners.

If you have an indoor-only cat, consider buying them a “Kitty Convict” collar or one that is just plain orange to let other people know your cat is an indoor-only cat. You can read more about the campaign here.

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